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Momonokawa Station
2011-11-28 Mon 00:00

Momonokawa Station is a railway station on the JR Kyushu Chikuhi Line located in Imari City, Saga Prefecture, Japan.
The station was opened on March 1,1935 by Northern Kyushu Railway as Matsuura Station.
It was renamed to its present name with nationalization of the line on October 1,1937.
On April 1, 1987, the station operation was taken over by JR West after privatization of Japanese National Railways.
The station building was dismantled in 2000.
Only a weather shelter remains on the platform.
The station has one island platform serving one track for bi-directional traffic
on the ground.
It is unattended.
Nearby are Imari Matsuura Post office,
Imari City Hall Matsuura Branch and
Imari City Matsuura Elementary School.
Adjacent stations are Kanaishihara and Hizen-Nagano.
National Route 498 goes by the station.
There is a village along the road.
A few stores are in the village.
However, a gas station stands out only.
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