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Kominato Line
2010-05-21 Fri 00:00

Kominato Line is a rail line operated by Kominato Railway.
It runs between Goi Station in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture and Kazusa-Nakano Station in Otaki Town, Chiba Prefecture.
Kominato Line was opened on March 7, 1925, from Goi Station to Satomi Station.
The line was named after Kominato Town in Chiba Prefecture.
It was originally planned that the line connects Goi Station to Kominato Town across the Boso Peninsula.
However,the railway could not finally get to Kominato Town.
Kominato Line has no electrified section and old type diesel cars run through the whole line.
It has many antique station buildings and so often appears on the TV screen.
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