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2010-03-14 Sun 00:00
Chogakuji is a Buddhist temple of Shingon sect located in Yanagimoto, Tenri City, Nara Prefecture.
This temple is said to be established in 824 by Kobo-daishi(Kukai), the founding priest of the Shingon Sect.
The temple houses the statues of Amida sanzon that are the oldest of its kind in Japan and were designated as an important cultural assets.
Amida sanzon consist of the Amida at the center, the Kannonbosatsu on the left and the Seishibosatsu on the right.
The three statues all have eyes inset with gems such as crystal.
The beautiful Hirado Tsusuji are in full bloom in the garden of this temple in May
and so the temple is called Hana no tera or temple with flowers .
Visitors can try Miwa Somen noodles in the temple’s kitchen
Somen is very thin, white Japanese noodles made of wheat flour.
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