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Take-isao jinja
2010-03-06 Sat 00:00
Take-isao jinja, also khown as Ken-kun jinja, is a Shinto shrine in Kita-ku, Kyoto-shi, located halfway to the top of Mount Funaoka.
Main deity was Oda Nobunaga who had been a major daimyo during the Sengoku period.
The shrine also enshrined Oda Nobutada,the son of Nobunaga.
It was originally established on October 17 ,1870 in the residence (Tokyo) of Viscount Oda Nobutoshi, a daimyo of the feudal domain of Tendo, in Dewa province.
Nobutoshi was a direct descendant of Oda Nobunaga.
In 1880,the shrine was relocated to the present location from Tokyo.
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