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2009-06-24 Wed 00:00
Toryanse is one of the most famous Warabe uta of Japan.
Warabe uta are traditional Japanese children's songs.
This song is often sung as part of traditional children's game.
Two children facing each other link their hands to form an arch, and the remaining children walk through underneath in a line.
When the song finishes, the arch suddenly takes down and the child who happens to be under the arch is caught.
It is said the arch is a portrayal of a checkpoint of Kawagoe Castle
The approach to Miyoshino -Jinja Shrine ,which was situated within Kawagoe Castle compound, was said to be the original stage of “Toryanse”.
Ordinary people were only allowed to visit the shrine for special occasions.

Let me pass, let me pass
What is this narrow pathway here?
It's the narrow pathway of the Tenjin shrine
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