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2009-06-23 Tue 00:00
Daian-ji is an ancient Buddhist temple located in Daianji Cho, Nara City.
It is traditionally one of the seven great temples of Nara(Nanto Shichi Daiji).
Daian-ji is the last stop on the Yamato Jusan Butsu pilgrimage.
This temple was originally built in Asuka area, moving to this location in 716.
On June 23, the Memorial Ceremony for Bamboo will be held at Daianji Temple.
Green bamboo is offered to the main image of the temple, the statue of Juichimen Kannon.
This ritual is held o thank for bamboo. which has been inextricably mixed into the Japanese way of life.
Sasazake (bamboo liquor) is served to attendees.
Bamboo liquor is believed to be effective in curing cancer.
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