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Chishaku-in Temple
2009-06-15 Mon 00:00
Chishaku-in Temple is the main temple of the Chisan School Shingon sect located in Higashi-kawaramachi, Higashi-oji Nanajo-sagaru, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City.
The temple has 3,000 branch temples nationwide.
It was transferred to Kyoto from Negoro-ji Temple of Kii(
present Wakayama Prefecture)in 1585.
The Main Hall was destroyed by fire during the Meiji period and rebuilt in 1975.
This temple is well known for its garden, designed in the Momoyama period.
Sliding screens with paintings of cherry and maple trees ,created by Hasegawa Tohaku, are also famous.
These were designated as National Treasures.
Thememorial ceremony will be dedicated to the Buddhist saint Kobo Daishi and features sutra chanting on June 15.
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