We must protect the senile elderly people from unscrupulous business operators by using the adult guardianship system.

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6 children drown while skating on river
2014-02-24 Mon 15:49
Six children have drowned while skating on a river in a rural area of northern China, a local government said Sunday.

The children aged 5 to 11 were skating together Saturday afternoon near a village in Pingyao county in Shanxi province.
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Beijing pollution alert maintained as smog lingers
2014-02-24 Mon 15:36
Beijing on Monday maintained its orange pollution alert, the second-highest alert level, as severe smog is forecast to linger in the Chinese capital for another three days.
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Air raids kill 90 in Pakistan
2014-02-24 Mon 15:32
Pakistani air forces have attacked suspected militant hideouts killing dozens of insurgents.

The country's troops have accelerated their offensive since the rebel group killed 23 captive soldiers earlier this month.
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Smog to persist for another three days in N China
2014-02-24 Mon 14:26
Smog will continue for another three days in Beijng, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi, and Shaanxi provinces in north China, according to the National Meteorological Center.
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Japan, Turkey remember Ertugrul victims
2014-02-24 Mon 14:22
On Sunday,people from Japan and Turkey have held a ceremony to commemorate the 1890 Ertugrul frigate disaster off Wakayama Prefecture.

The Ertugrul sank off Kushimoto Town in a typhoon. Local residents tried to save as many Turkish crewmembers as possible.

69 sailors survived.

More than 500 were drowned.
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Chinese Survey Ship Enters Japanese EEZ
2014-02-24 Mon 13:54
A Chinese marine survey ship was spotted in Japan's exclusive economic zone off Kagoshima Prefecture, southern Japan, Sunday afternoon.

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Beijing AQI
2014-02-24 Mon 10:34
Beijing Real-time Air Quality Index (AQI).
379 Hazardous
Updated on Monday 8:00
Temp: 2°C (-1 ° – 10°)
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China training for 'short, sharp war' against Japan
2014-02-24 Mon 10:28
China is stepping up its training for a "short, sharp war" designed to seize the disputed Senkaku islands from Japan, according to the head of US naval intelligence in the Pacific.Addressing a conference.
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