We must protect the senile elderly people from unscrupulous business operators by using the adult guardianship system.

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Ex-US Navy man jailed for attempted espionage for Russia
2014-02-11 Tue 15:21
A former US Navy sailor has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for attempted espionage.

A federal court in Norfolk, Virginia, said Robert Hoffman, 40, had passed secret information to people he believed were Russian spies.
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Spanish judge issues arrest warrants for China's former President, Prime Minister
2014-02-11 Tue 08:56
CNN reported that a Spanish judge issued international arrest warrants on Monday for China's former President Jiang Zemin and former Prime Minister Li Peng for alleged genocide against the people of Tibet.
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Ex-U.S. envoy visits Pyongyang, state media said
2014-02-11 Tue 06:20
Donald Gregg, a former U.S. ambassador to South Korea, arrived in North Korea, Pyongyang's state media reported Monday, a trip seen to help facilitate the release of a Korean-American man detained there.
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2014-02-11 Tue 05:45
Best red wine for winter coming from Montenegro, presented by Monte Do.

It's Vranac !

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Thames reaches record water levels
2014-02-11 Tue 00:00
Thousands of homes along the River Thames are threatened with flooding as flood waters continue to rise.
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N. Korea ready for atomic test, yet no imminent sign: Seoul's defense chief
2014-02-11 Tue 00:00
North Korea appears ready to conduct its fourth nuclear test, but no imminent signs have been detected at its main site on its northeastern tip, South Korea's defense chief said Monday.
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China to take part in US, Asia military drill
2014-02-11 Tue 00:00
China says it will for the first time dispatch its military personnel to a multi-national drill in Thailand, which is led by the United States.

17 military personnel are to take part in the exercise.
They are mainly from the Guangzhou Military Region in southern China, state-run television on Monday reported.

The drill, codenamed "Cobra Gold," will begin on Tuesday and is the 31st in the series. Japan and South Korea will also take part in the drill.
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India boat capsize in Orissa kills 22
2014-02-11 Tue 00:00
At least 22 people have drowned and nine others are missing after a boat capsized in a river in India's eastern Orissa state, officials say.

The boat, carrying more than 100 passengers, sank near a dam in Sambalpur district, on Sunday.
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