We must protect the senile elderly people from unscrupulous business operators by using the adult guardianship system.

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New rules eyed to relax weapons export ban
2014-01-31 Fri 13:03
Prime Minister Abe Shinzo says his government will relax Japan's arms export ban and replace it with a new set of rules.
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Govt to develop unmanned helicopters
2014-01-31 Fri 10:15
The government will develop high-tech unmanned helicopters for searching operations in disaster areas.

It is considering to put them into service by fiscal 2018, and encourage fire stations in big cities to procure by lending them for free.
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At UN debate, Asia history tensions flare
2014-01-31 Fri 08:47
Tensions between Japan and its neighbors over historical issues have flared at the UN Security Council, with strong words from top envoys.

Chinese Ambassador Liu Jieyi said the Japanese prime minister's recent visit to Yasukuni shrine had closed the door to dialogue.

South Korea's envoy accused Japan of having a distorted view of history.

Japan said raising these issues at the UN did not help to reduce tensions.
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Bird flu spreads north, outbreak confirmed in Gyeonggi Province
2014-01-31 Fri 05:09
A bird flu case has been confirmed at a chicken farm in Gyeonggi Province the government said on Thursday.
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Sochi Winter Olympic Games begin
2014-01-31 Fri 04:14
The 2014 Winter Olympic Games are officially underway in Sochi, Russia.
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