We must protect the senile elderly people from unscrupulous business operators by using the adult guardianship system.

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S. Korea ruling party calls Japan "terrorist state"
2014-01-21 Tue 19:34
A senior leader of South Korea's ruling party on Tuesday called Japan a "terrorist state" for having inflicted mass suffering on its neighbors in the past, a day after Japan's top government spokesman applied the "terrorist" label to a Korean independence hero ,Ahn Jung-geun.
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Japan protest over Korean terrorist Ahn Jung-geun memorial in China
2014-01-21 Tue 09:08
Japan has criticized a memorial built in China to commemorate a Korean independence activist who assassinated a Japanese statesman in 1909.

Ahn Jung-geun shot dead Ito Hirobumi, four-time prime minister of Japan and the first resident governor of then Japanese-run Korea.

A Japanese government spokesman branded him a "terrorist" after the Chinese-Korean memorial hall opened in China's Harbin city, where Ito was shot dead.

He is celebrated as a hero in Korea.
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Chinese navy starts open sea drill
2014-01-21 Tue 06:36
A flotilla with China's Nanhai Fleet on Monday set sail from a military port in south China's Hainan Province for a drill in the South China Sea, according to military sources.

The three-ship flotilla consists of amphibious landing craft Changbaishan and destroyers Wuhan and Haikou.
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Credit card details on 20 million stolen in S. Korea
2014-01-21 Tue 06:32
Credit card details from almost half of all South Koreans have been stolen and sold to marketing firms.

The data was stolen by a computer contractor working for a company called the Korea Credit Bureau that produces credit scores.

The names, social security numbers and credit card details of 20 million South Koreans were copied by the IT worker.

Three major South Korean credit firms have apologized for leaking the personal information of over 100 million customers.

Representatives of the firms made the apology at a joint news conference in Seoul on Monday.
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Korean-American detained in North urges US to help
2014-01-21 Tue 06:17
A Korean-American missionary has called on the US government to help in his release from detention in North Korea.

Christian missionary Kenneth Bae spoke to foreign reporters on Monday in a Pyongyang hospital where he has been getting treatment for poor health since May last year.

He said his health is recovering. He said he wants to be freed and to return to his family as soon as possible.
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S Sudan troops recapture Malakal
2014-01-21 Tue 03:56
The South Sudanese army says it has recaptured the key town of Malakal from rebels, after days of heavy fighting.

But the rebels have told they are still in control of the town.
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