We must protect the senile elderly people from unscrupulous business operators by using the adult guardianship system.

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Small jet crashes in Germany, killing 4
2014-01-13 Mon 16:13
A small jet crashed in thick fog near an airfield outside the western German city of Trier on Sunday.

The Cessna Citation plane had taken off from southern England.

It was approaching the Foehren airfield, near the city of Trier, when it clipped an electricity mast on the Koblenz-Trier railway line.

All 4 people on board are confirmed dead.
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Opposition protesters blocking traffic in Bangkok
2014-01-13 Mon 14:51
Anti-government protesters in Thailand are occupying several major intersections in Bangkok on Monday.

The protesters are building barricades and occupying key road junctions.
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Protesters move to shut down Bangkok
2014-01-13 Mon 11:12
People in Bangkok are bracing for a major anti-government protest on Monday

Opposition protestors in Thailand are gathering in the capital Bangkok to try to shut down the city center.

It is part of their campaign to overthrow the government before snap elections due on 2 February.
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Textbook guidelines for Senkakus and Takeshima
2014-01-13 Mon 05:01
Japan’s government officials plan to describe Takeshima and the Senkaku Islands as inherent parts of Japan's territory in new guidelines for middle and high schools.
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China's maritime intrusion not be ignored, Onodera says
2014-01-13 Mon 03:38
Japanese Defense Minister Onodera Itsunori says he cannot ignore the repeated intrusion of Chinese patrol ships into Japan's waters.
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Japan offers Mozambique $670 mil. in ODA
2014-01-13 Mon 01:26
Prime Minister Abe Shinzo says Japan will provide about 670 million dollars in official development aid to help Mozambique develop its rich natural resources.
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Cold wave hits parts of N China
2014-01-13 Mon 01:20
A strong cold wave is gripping many parts of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in northern China.

The mercury fell to minus 45.9 degrees Celsius in Genhe City on Saturday.
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Japan wants to join Indo-US naval wargames
2014-01-13 Mon 01:12
Japan wants to be a part of the naval exercise that India and the US hold every year.

Japanese Defence Minister Onodera Itsunori made it clear that the proposed trilateral Malabar-series exercise was not aimed against any specific country and was important for the security of sea lanes in the region.
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