We must protect the senile elderly people from unscrupulous business operators by using the adult guardianship system.

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US internet petition asks White House to remove ‘comfort women’ statue in California
2014-01-04 Sat 15:16
An online petition asks White House to remove ‘comfort woman’ statue in Glendale, California has reached the 100,000-signature threshold.

The U.S. presidential office will be mandated to address the request.
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Chinese ship Xue Long stuck in ice
2014-01-04 Sat 15:10
The Chinese ice-breaker that helped rescue passengers stranded on the Akademik Shokalskiy vessel in Antarctica is now stuck itself.
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U.S. Marines evacuate embassy staff in South Sudan
2014-01-04 Sat 12:15
U.S. Marines flew a C-130 aircraft Friday into South Sudan's capital to evacuate about 20 U.S. Embassy staff members.
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China Police Send Helicopters in Massive Drug Bust, arresting 182
2014-01-04 Sat 12:07
Chinese authorities deployed helicopters, speedboats and paramilitary police to seize three tons of methamphetamine in a massive raid on a single southern village notorious for illegal drugs production.

Security forces surrounded and then entered the village of Boshe.

They arrested 182 people including the village's top Communist Party official.
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China denies baby deaths caused by suspect hepatitis B vaccine
2014-01-04 Sat 12:02
China has found that a hepatitis B vaccine produced by a Shenzhen biotechnology company didn’t cause the deaths of nine babies who received injections, the national food and drug agency said.
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El Salvador's volcano erupts for first time in 37 years
2014-01-04 Sat 07:52
El Salvador's Chaparrastique volcano erupted Sunday, forcing thousands to evacuate from their homes.

Some flights to San Salvador, the capital, were redirected to other airports to avoid the ash.
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Fire near JR station suspends shinkansen bullet train services
2014-01-04 Sat 07:01
Thousands of New Year's holiday travelers in Japan were stranded at stations overnight due to disruption of Shinkansen bullet train services for fire near JR station.
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