We must protect the senile elderly people from unscrupulous business operators by using the adult guardianship system.

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Sony eyes more staff cuts
2013-12-31 Tue 23:13
Sony Corp. is planning to cut jobs at one of its subsidiaries, as sales of televisions and other products have been slow.
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Global Hawk to debut at Misawa Air Base in FY15
2013-12-31 Tue 22:45
The Defense Ministry has decided for the first time to deploy the Global Hawk at the Air Self-Defense Force’s Misawa Air Base in Aomori Prefecture in fiscal 2015.
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Rescue for Antarctic ice-bound ship under threat
2013-12-31 Tue 20:37
Fifty-two passengers and four crew members were due to be evacuated by helicopter from China's Xue Long ship as soon as conditions allowed.

However, the Xue Long has barely moved in a day and may be stuck in the ice.
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China doctor tried for trafficking babies
2013-12-31 Tue 19:54
A Chinese obstetrician is on trial for stealing newborn babies and selling them to child traffickers, state media reports.

Zhang Shuxia, a doctor with Fuping County Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital, was accused of selling seven babies.

She told the parents their infants were sick, and convinced them to give them up, reports said.
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South Sudan rebels attack key town
2013-12-31 Tue 19:44
Anti-government rebels in South Sudan have attacked the key town of Bor.
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Two US trains collide in North Dakota
2013-12-31 Tue 11:51
A wreck involving two trains, one of which was carrying crude oil, sparked a large fire Monday that sent huge flames and dangerous smoke into the sky, North Dakota authorities said.

Smoke can be seen in Fargo, 25 miles away.
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Strong Quake Hits Ibaraki Pref.
2013-12-31 Tue 11:24
A strong earthquake rocked Ibarai Prefecture, eastern Japan, Tuesday morning.

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Germany urges Japan to face up to the past
2013-12-31 Tue 10:39
German leaders have urged Japan to face up to its role in history after Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's visit to Yasukuni Shrine.

It's none of your business.
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Nikkei ends at 6-year high
2013-12-31 Tue 10:24
The Nikkei stock index advanced on the last trading day of 2013 on Monday to hit a fresh six-year high.
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China police kill eight in Xinjiang clash
2013-12-30 Mon 18:08
Police in China's Xinjiang region have shot dead eight people who attacked a police station during a violent clash on Monday, a state news portal says.
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17 confirmed dead, 45 injured in Volgograd railway station blast
2013-12-30 Mon 16:30
Seventeen people were confirmed dead and 45 others injured in the Sunday explosion in Russia's Volgograd railway station, the Health Ministry said on Monday.
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At least 10 dead in trolleybus blast in Russia's Volgograd
2013-12-30 Mon 14:48
An explosion hit a trolleybus in the Russian city of Volgograd on Monday, killing at least 10 people, the state-run news agency RIA Novosti reported.
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2 Chinese ships spotted near Senkakus
2013-12-30 Mon 13:03
Two Chinese coast guard ships were seen sailing Monday around the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea just outside Japan's territorial waters, the Japan Coast Guard said.
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Blackout continues in ice-storm-hit Toronto
2013-12-30 Mon 13:00
Tens of thousands of people remain without electricity in eastern Canada following a destructive winter storm.
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President Xi eats at roadside restaurant
2013-12-30 Mon 10:40
A post of photos showing Chinese President Xi Jinping having a meal at a local restaurant in Beijing has gone viral on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter.

Just a nonsense propaganda!
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China formally eases one-child policy
2013-12-30 Mon 10:28
China's top legislature has formally adopted a resolution easing the country's one-child policy, the state news agency Xinhua reports.
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Cargo ship collides with tanker off S.Korea
2013-12-29 Sun 14:30
A cargo ship collided with a chemical-laden tanker off South Korea's southeast coast early Sunday, causing the tanker to catch fire, but all 91 crew members on the two vessels were rescued safely.
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Ship stuck in Antarctica awaits rescue
2013-12-29 Sun 13:56
The trapped research vessel is carrying 74 tourists and scientists studying climate change.

A Chinese ship trying to reach a trapped expedition vessel in Antarctica has turned back.

The icebreaker Xue Long was just six nautical miles away from the Russian-flagged vessel when the captain decided the ship could not get any closer, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said Saturday.
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3 China Ships Enter Japanese Waters
2013-12-29 Sun 13:11
Three Chinese coast guard ships entered Japanese territorial waters off the Senkaku islands in the East China Sea on Sunday afternoon, Japan Coast Guard officials said.
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Fireworks workshop blast kills six in central China
2013-12-29 Sun 09:30
Six people were killed on Saturday after a fireworks workshop blast in Changde City of central China's Hunan Province.
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Thousands of pro-rebel youths march on Bor
2013-12-29 Sun 09:24
Thousands of youths loyal to South Sudanese rebel leader Riek Machar are marching on the strategic town of Bor, the BBC reported.
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6.1-magnitude earthquake hits southern Turkey
2013-12-29 Sun 09:14
A 6.1-magnitude earthquake shook tourist attraction Antalya province in southern Turkey on Saturday.

The earthquake struck the Mediterranean Sea at 17:21 local time (1421 GMT) and its epicenter was off the coast of Antalya, according to the report.
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Japan to allow wealthy foreigners to stay one year
2013-12-28 Sat 20:33
The Japanese government is planning to ease visa requirements to allow foreigners who have a certain amount of assets to stay in Japan for up to one year.
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Huge India train fire kills 23
2013-12-28 Sat 16:23
At least 23 people were killed early Saturday when an express train caught fire in India, railway officials said.

The blaze engulfed a carriage of the Nanded-Bangalore Express while it was travelling through Andhra Pradesh state.
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South Sudanese gov't agrees to ceasefire
2013-12-28 Sat 14:48
The South Sudanese government on Friday agreed to end hostilities against rebels, but warned that its forces would defend themselves if attacked.
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U.S. Welcomes Okinawa's Landfill Permit
2013-12-28 Sat 04:36
The United States said on Friday it welcomes Okinawa Governor Nakaima Hirokazu 's approval of landfill crucial to the planned relocation of the U.S. Marine Corps' Futenma air station.
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Okinawa leader approves US airbase relocation
2013-12-28 Sat 03:37
Japan has approved the relocation of a US military airbase on its southern island of Okinawa.

The governor, Nakaima Hirokazu, agreed to landfill work to develop a new base.
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Okinawa governor OKs landfill to relocate U.S. Futenma air base
2013-12-27 Fri 16:31
Okinawa Gov. Hirokazu Nakaima on Friday approved landfill work to relocate the U.S. military's Futenma air base within his prefecture, senior prefectural officials said.
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Dollar Hits 5-Year High in Tokyo
2013-12-27 Fri 13:24
The dollar hit a five-year high of 104.85 yen in Tokyo trading Thursday.
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US is disappointed on Abe's Yasukuni visit
2013-12-27 Fri 13:16
Officials at the US Embassy in Tokyo say their government is disappointed that Japan's leadership has taken an action that will exacerbate tensions with Japan's neighbors.
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