We must protect the senile elderly people from unscrupulous business operators by using the adult guardianship system.

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Plane bomb hoax suspect caught
2013-10-31 Thu 20:51
A suspect who allegedly made false bomb threats that affected four flights leaving and bound for Changsha city of Central China's Hunan province on Thursday has been caught by police.

Flight JD5662 of Capital Airlines, a regional carrier, landed at 1:01 pm after the airline received a bomb threat call at 12:45 pm.
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10 injured after quakes in NE China
2013-10-31 Thu 19:04
Ten people were injured when two earthquakes shook Songyuan City in northeast China's Jilin Province on Thursday morning, said local government authorities.
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Ethnic group in fear after Tiananmen crash
2013-10-31 Thu 17:28
An overseas Uighur rights group , the World Uyghur Congress, fears a fierce state crackdown by China on the largely Muslim ethnic minority after Monday’s car crash at Tiananmen Square, it said Wednesday.
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Kyoto Imperial Palace opens to public
2013-10-31 Thu 17:17
The Kyoto Imperial Palace has opened to the public for its annual autumn viewing.
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5.5-magnitude quake hits northeast China
2013-10-31 Thu 16:54
A 5.5-magnitude quake jolted Songyuan city in northeast China's Jilin Province at 11:03 a.m. Thursday Beijing Time.
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130,000 would die in huge Osaka earthquake
2013-10-31 Thu 06:38
Experts say more than 130,000 people would die in Osaka due to a massive earthquake and tsunami that are expected in the Pacific Ocean off central and western Japan.
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5 suspects in Tiananmen car crash detained
2013-10-30 Wed 21:58
Police in China have detained five suspects in connection with Monday's deadly car crash at Beijing's Tiananmen Square, CCTV reported the news on Wednesday evening.

The crash killed 5 people, including 3 in the vehicle.
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Smartphone saves Florida gas station clerk shot during robbery
2013-10-30 Wed 19:20
One shot was fired during a robbery of a Winter Garden, Florida gas station.

The clerk did not realize he had been hit until he pulled out his cellphone and found a bullet embedded in it.

His HTC phone stopped the bullet from seriously injuring him.
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40 killed in bus fire in S. India
2013-10-30 Wed 19:15
At least 40 people have died after the luxury bus they were travelling in caught fire in India's southern state of Andhra Pradesh, police said.

The bus, carrying more than 50 passengers, was travelling from Bangalore city to Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh's capital, when the incident happened early on Wednesday.
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China not commenting on Tiananmen car crash
2013-10-30 Wed 13:09
Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying avoided for a second consecutive day any comment on Monday's deadly car crash in Beijing's Tiananmen Square.
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Abe Mulls Visiting Russia in Feb.
2013-10-30 Wed 05:54
Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo is considering visiting Russia during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics in February.
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China blocks NHK's broadcast
2013-10-30 Wed 05:40
Chinese officials halted NHK satellite TV transmission in China for about 2 minutes during a news report about a vehicle that burst into flames near Beijing's Tiananmen Square on Tuesday.

China's leaders are always struggling to prevent their citizens from circulating information inconvenient to the ruling Communist Party.
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Chinese police seek info on Uighur suspects after car attack in Beijing
2013-10-29 Tue 21:21
Police investigating the apparent car attack at Beijing’s Forbidden City searched on Tuesday for information on two ethnic Uighur minority suspects, state media report.

Police released no public information about a possible motive for the incident at one of China’s most politically sensitive and heavily guarded public spaces, and it was not immediately clear if the two suspects were among the three people killed inside the vehicle.
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Bus drives into Sichuan police station
2013-10-29 Tue 14:13
A bus in Nanchong, Sichuan Province drove into a police station and courthouse compound on Monday, Chinese media say.

The vehicle reportedly hit 2 officers and destroyed 5 police vehicles.
別窓 | 未分類 |
‘Accident’ in Tian'anmen kills 5 people
2013-10-29 Tue 09:16
Five people were killed and 38 injured after a jeep crashed into a crowd of people and caught fire in front of the Tian'anmen Rostrum in downtown Beijing on Monday, the China Daily reported.

The driver of the jeep and two passengers were killed on the spot.

Two tourists, a female Filipino and a male Chinese from Guangdong province, were also killed.

The injured include Chinese tourists and police officers, as well as three Filipinos and one Japanese.
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Chinese navy conducts West Pacific drill
2013-10-29 Tue 05:56
Three Chinese naval fleets are currently conducting drills in the western Pacific, south of Japan's Okinawa Prefecture.

China's state media say the North Sea, the East Sea and the South Sea fleets began exercises on October 18th.
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5 die in car crash near Tiananmen Square
2013-10-28 Mon 21:28
A vehicle crashed into a sidewalk near Beijing's Tiananmen Square on Monday and burst into flame, killing 5 people.

No Justice in China
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Abe leaves for Turkey
2013-10-28 Mon 18:28
Prime Minister Abe Shinzo left for a 3-day visit to Turkey on Monday.
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4 Chinese ships enter Japanese waters near Senkakus
2013-10-28 Mon 18:21
Four China Coast Guard ships entered Japanese territorial waters near the Senkaku Islands on Monday morning, the Japan Coast Guard said.

There is no doubt that the Senkaku Islands are clearly an inherent territory of Japan, in light of historical facts and based upon international law. Indeed, the Senkaku Islands are under the valid control of Japan. There exists no issue of territorial sovereignty to be resolved concerning the Senkaku Islands.
別窓 | 未分類 |
Three die after car crash at Tian'anmen
2013-10-28 Mon 18:06
A driver and two passengers were killed after a jeep crashed into a crowd of people and caught fire in front of the Tian'anmen rostrum in Beijing on Monday,Xinhua news agency reported.
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4 Chinese planes fly over Pacific for 3 days in row
2013-10-28 Mon 08:42
Four Chinese military aircraft have flown over islands in southern Japan
Japanese officials say the Chinese planes did not violate Japan's airspace.

Japanese Defense Ministry officials say the 4 Chinese aircraft were 2 early warning planes and 2 bombers.

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S.Korea” illegally uses” Japan’s NHK video
2013-10-28 Mon 05:10
South Korean Foreign Ministry officials say they regret that images from an NHK drama, Sakanouenokumo, were used without permission in a website video that proclaimed the country's sovereignty over Takeshima.
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Floods kill 48 in eastern India
2013-10-28 Mon 04:15
Torrential rain has caused major flooding in eastern India, killing at least 48 people.

Local media report that 45 people died in Orissa and Andhra Pradesh.

Another three were killed in West Bengal.
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Chinese paper apologizes for misreporting
2013-10-28 Mon 03:34
The New Express has apologized for alleged misreporting by one of its journalists.

It had been demanding the release of the 27-year-old reporter, Chen Yongzhou, in unprecedented front-page articles on 2 consecutive days last week.
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65th Shosoin exhibition opens in Nara
2013-10-27 Sun 14:50
An annual autumn exhibition of ancient imperial treasures has opened in Nara City.
別窓 | 未分類 |
China reporter Chen Yongzhou confesses on TV
2013-10-27 Sun 11:57
An imprisoned Chinese journalist whose newspaper has made front-page appeals for his release has confessed to wrongdoing on state TV.]


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Saudi Women Defy Driving Ban
2013-10-27 Sun 10:49
A handful of Saudi women have taken to the streets in their cars on a day of collective protest against its policies that bar women from obtaining driver’s licenses.
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Samsung Electronics apologizes to Chinese consumers
2013-10-27 Sun 09:53
Samsung Electronics has apologized to Chinese consumers after China's state TV claimed some of its phones were not working properly.
別窓 | 未分類 |
Typhoon passes off Japan's Pacific coast
2013-10-27 Sun 06:10
The latest typhoon off Japan's Pacific coast has moved northward, and was downgraded to a depression on Saturday afternoon.
別窓 | 未分類 |
PM Abe says Japan will stand up to China
2013-10-26 Sat 20:36
Japan's Prime Minister Abe Shinzo Abe told the Wall Street Journal other countries want Japan to adopt a more assertive leadership role in Asia to counter the growing power of China.

He says there were concerns that China was trying to change the status quo by force, rather than by the rule of law.
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