We must protect the senile elderly people from unscrupulous business operators by using the adult guardianship system.

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All four generators on Korea "Dokdo" ship have stopped running
2013-09-30 Mon 23:25
According to Yonhap News on September 12, the South Korean navy 'Dokdo' ship on the 10th generator room fire accident occurred, two generators have stopped running.

South Korean navy official on the 12th said that this year in April, two generators due to flooding out of trouble, and this time they occur generator failure, 'Dokdo' ship all four generators failed.
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CH46 helicopters in Okinawa replaced by Ospreys
2013-09-30 Mon 21:58
All CH46 helicopters deployed by the US military in Okinawa have been retired now that tilt-rotor Osprey aircraft are in place.

On Monday, the US military moved the last 4 CH46 helicopters from the Marine Corps Futenma air station to a facility in Urasoe City for dismantling.
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Japan maritime force training vessels arrive at Thilawa
2013-09-30 Mon 20:25
Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force training vessels on a round-the-world voyage arrive at Thilawa port in Myanmar on Sept. 30, 2013, for a five-day mission.
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Chinese crew member arrested for ship collision off Tokyo
2013-09-30 Mon 09:00
The Japan Coast Guard has arrested a Chinese crew member of a freighter for causing a collision involving the Japanese cargo ship Eifuku Maru Number 18.

The incident occurred early Friday morning off Izu Oshima Island.
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Death toll in Mumbai's building collapse reaches 61
2013-09-30 Mon 04:37
The death toll in Friday's building collapse in Mumbai had reached 61 while 32 others sustained injuries, Indian authorities Sunday said.
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371 killed, 750 injured in Pakistan earthquakes
2013-09-29 Sun 13:38
At least 371 people were killed and over 750 others injured Saturday in two earthquakes that hit Pakistan's southwest Balochistan Province, officials said.
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India building collapse death toll rises to 42
2013-09-29 Sun 10:08
At least 42 people have died when a four-storey residential building collapsed in the western Indian city of Mumbai.
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Chinese police rescue 92 abducted children
2013-09-29 Sun 10:02
Chinese police have rescued 92 abducted children and held 301 suspected members of a huge trafficking network.

The authorities say two women were also freed in an operation involving police forces in 11 provinces of the country.
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"World Atlas Collection" (1958 (reprinted in 1960))]
2013-09-29 Sun 09:58
A map published by a Chinese map-publishing company in 1958 clearly identifies the Senkaku Islands as “the Senkaku Group of Islands” and treats them as part of Okinawa.
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Search still continues for missing crew member
2013-09-29 Sun 05:52
The Japan Coast Guard continues to search for a Japanese crew member who went missing after the freighter he was on capsized in a collision in waters off Tokyo.
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Pakistani quake area struck again
2013-09-29 Sun 05:45
A 6.8-magnitude earthquake has rocked Pakistan's south west, killing at least 15 and sending panicked people running into the street just days after another quake in the same region killed at least 400 people earlier this week.

Reports said the quake hit remote Awaran district.
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At least three killed in explosion in central Paris
2013-09-28 Sat 06:03
At least three people were killed on Friday in a large explosion on a work site in central Paris.

The accident occurred at around 3:45 p.m. local time at a garage in the basement of a three-storey building on the Rue d'Enghien.
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5 dead, 1 missing after freighter collision off Tokyo
2013-09-28 Sat 03:10
Two cargo ships collided south of Tokyo early Friday, killing five people in one of the vessels, Japan's coast guard said.
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4 Chinese ships leave Japanese waters
2013-09-28 Sat 02:32
Four China Coast Guard vessels have left Japan's territorial waters off the Senkaku Islands, after navigating there for about 2 hours.


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4 China Coast Guard ships intrude into Japan's territorial waters
2013-09-27 Fri 17:19
Four Chinese Coast Guard ships entered Japanese territorial waters near the Senkaku Islands on Friday afternoon, the Japan Coast Guard said.
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Japan's consumer prices up 0.8% in August
2013-09-27 Fri 17:13
Japan’s government data showed Friday its consumer prices rose 0.8 percent in August from a year earlier on higher gasoline and other energy prices.
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China Executes Food Vendor Who Killed two chengguans in Self Defense
2013-09-27 Fri 16:57
Chinese authorities sparked a public outcry on Wednesday after they put to death a street vendor convicted of killing two members of China’s notorious chengguan, or “urban management officials,” who had reportedly attacked him.

Xia Junfeng, 36, had sold kebabs at a restricted city intersection in spite of official warnings, prompting his detention and an assault in which, he said, he had stabbed the officers who attacked him.

Xia’s execution in the northern city of Shenyang drew public anger.
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6 missing in cargo ship collision off Tokyo
2013-09-27 Fri 13:45
2 cargo ships have collided off Izu Oshima Island, about 100 kilometers south of Tokyo, early on Friday morning. 6 Japanese crewmembers are missing.

The 500-ton Eifuku Maru No.18, registered in Japan, and the 3,000-ton JIAHUI, registered in Sierra Leone, collided about 11 kilometers west of the island, Japan Coast Guard says.
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New crew arrive at ISS
2013-09-27 Fri 03:11
The Russian spacecraft Soyuz-TMA-10M docked at the International Space Station's Russian Poisk section at 0645 Moscow time (0245 GMT).

Three crew have left the spacecraft and moved inside the ISS, the Russian Federal Space Agency Roscosmos said on Thursday.
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350 people confirmed dead in quake in Pakistan
2013-09-26 Thu 22:26
At least 350 people have been confirmed dead and 500 others injured in a powerful earthquake which shook southern Pakistan on Tuesday,local authorities say.
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China court jails general's son for rape
2013-09-26 Thu 13:56
A court in China has convicted the son of a high-profile army general and sentenced him to 10 years in jail for rape, state media say.
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Pakistan earthquake may have created New island
2013-09-26 Thu 13:47
A powerful earthquake hit Pakistan on Tuesday and it has apparently created a small island off the coast of the southern coast.
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Floods in Thailand kill 9 people
2013-09-26 Thu 03:16
Severe flooding in Thailand has killed 9 people and has affected nearly 1.8 million others.
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China activist disappears
2013-09-26 Thu 02:47
A well-known legal rights activist in China has disappeared after being questioned by Beijing airport police, a rights group says.
Cao Shunli has not been seen since 14 September, when she was barred from boarding a flight to Switzerland.

Article 35

Citizens of the People's Republic of China enjoy freedom of speech, of the press, of assembly, of association, of procession and of demonstration.
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328 killed, over 500 injured in earthquake-hit SW Pakistan
2013-09-26 Thu 02:38
At least 328 people were killed and over 500 others injured up till Wednesday in a 7.7-magnitude earthquake that struck Pakistan's southwest Balochistan province on Tuesday afternoon.
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Hundreds dead in Balochistan
2013-09-25 Wed 14:18
A powerful earthquake has killed at least 208 people in Pakistan's south-west province of Balochistan.
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7.7 magnitude earthquake killed 93 in SW Pakistan
2013-09-25 Wed 08:40
At least 93 people were killed and over 200 others injured as an earthquake of 7.7 magnitude jolted Pakistan's southwestern province of Balochistan on Tuesday afternoon.
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Strong quake kills at least 30 in southwestern Pakistan
2013-09-25 Wed 00:03
A powerful earthquake hit southwestern Pakistan's Baluchistan province on Tuesday, killing at least 30 people and injuring many others.
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Powerful earthquake strikes Pakistan's Balochistan
2013-09-24 Tue 21:48
A powerful earthquake of 7.8-magnitude has struck a remote area in south-west Pakistan.

The epicenter is estimated to be 70 kilometers north-northeast of Awaran in the country's south.

The focus has an estimated depth of about 23 kilometers.
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Mall attackers include US residents
2013-09-24 Tue 17:52
Kenya's foreign minister says some of the militants who attacked a shopping mall in Nairobi came from the United States.
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