We must protect the senile elderly people from unscrupulous business operators by using the adult guardianship system.

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U.S. military bases in Japan targets to attack, said N,Korea
2013-03-31 Sun 21:43
North Korea said on Sunday that U.S. military bases in Japan would be subject to attack if a war breaks out on the Korean Peninsula.

The Rodong Sinmun pointed out U.S. bases in Misawa in Aomori Prefecture, Yokosuka in Kanagawa Prefecture, and in Okinawa Prefecture.
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2 dead in China, first known deaths from H7N9 bird flu
2013-03-31 Sun 21:05
Two Shanghai men have died from H7N9 bird flu in the first known human deaths.

Chinese authorities said on Sunday that it wasn't clear how they were infected, but that there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission.

A woman in the nearby province of Anhui, also contracted the H7N9 strain of bird flu and was in critical condition, China's National Health and Family Planning Commission said.
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Computer beats active professional player at Japanese chess for first time
2013-03-31 Sun 19:16
A computer has beaten an active professional player at shogi, otherwise known as Japanese chess, for the first time on Saturday.

Sato Shinichi lost in the match against the "Ponanza" program at the "Shogi Master Versus Machine Match(Dennousen)."

The program was developed by Yamamoto Issei.
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Apple action is criticized severely in China
2013-03-31 Sun 10:48
The China Consumer's Association has asked Apple Inc. to sincerely apologize to Chinese consumers and thoroughly correct its problems, after the U.S. firm took little action to address waves of criticism, Xinhua news agency says.
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Taiwan Coast Guard adds new ship to patrol Senkakus
2013-03-31 Sun 00:36
The Hsin Bei , meaning New Taipei, a new 2,000-ton class Taiwan Coast Guard patrol vessel, discharges water during an exercise in the southern port city of Kaohsiung on March 30, 2013.

The Hsin Bei is the first armed Coast Guard Administration vessel equipped with 40-mm cannons.

The vessel will be responsible for conducting patrol operations on waters near Senkaku Islands.
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Japan, Mongolia agree to cooperate on resource development
2013-03-31 Sun 00:00
Prime Minister Abe Shinzo and his Mongolian counterpart Norov Altankhuyag agreed on Saturday that the two countries will accelerate ongoing negotiations toward a bilateral free trade agreement and strengthen cooperation on developing Mongolian rich mineral resources during their meeting in Ulan Bator.
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2 boys beaten to death by school employee in Southern China
2013-03-30 Sat 21:55
Two boys are dead after they were beaten by a primary school employee in the city of Yulin in the Guangxi Zhuang region.

A male member of staff began hitting them around 5 a.m. local time on Friday, causing critical injuries.

The boys were in the fifth grade.

They died later in hospital, Xinhua news agency says.
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Abe leaves for Mongolia
2013-03-30 Sat 15:27
Prime Minister Abe Shinzo left for Mongolia on Saturday for talks with senior government officials to discuss energy resources development.

Prime Minister Abe Shinzo arrived in Mongolia on Saturday.
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North Korea enters state of war with South
2013-03-30 Sat 11:41
North Korea has said it is entering a state of war with South Korea.

Pyongyang has threatened attacks almost daily against S.Korea and the US.
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Space station crew launches and docks in a record-setting time
2013-03-30 Sat 09:57
Soyuz TMA-08M blasted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 4; 2:43 a.m. GMT( Friday local time) and glided to a smooth docking with the International Space Station less than six hours later.
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Japan to set up special force against cyber attack
2013-03-30 Sat 09:37
Japan's National Police Agency will establish a force of special investigators to combat Internet cyber attacks, Xinhua reported.
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North Korea readies rocket force
2013-03-29 Fri 14:57
North Korea has been issuing so many threats against the US and South in recent weeks.
At last North Korea says that it has put missile units on stand-by to attack US targets in response to US stealth bomber flights over the Korean peninsula.

According to State news agency KCNA, Kim Jong-un signed off on the order at a late-night meeting of top generals.

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Mortars hit University of Damascus
2013-03-29 Fri 07:52
Several mortar shells have struck the Damascus University 's architecture department in the central Baramkeh district on Thursday, killing 15 students, Syrian state-run TV says.

Syria's rebels are increasingly using mortars.
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U.S. sent B-2 stealth bombers in South Korea drill
2013-03-29 Fri 06:41
The United States said on Thursday that it flew stealth bombers over South Korea to participate in annual military exercises.

The B-2 bombers flew from Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri to South Korea.
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China knife attacker kills two, injures 11 in Shanghai
2013-03-28 Thu 17:57
A knife attacker killed two relatives including his sister and then slashed 11 people, including six children, outside a school in Shanghai, state media said.

According to the Shanghai Daily newspaper, the man killed his sister and his sister's mother-in-law at their home in a family dispute over money on Wednesday.

Then he attacked parents and children outside an elementary school in the suburban district of Fengxian.
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China jails 20 Uighurs in Xinjiang
2013-03-28 Thu 10:28
Chinese state media say 20 ethnic Uighurs in Xinjiang have been convicted on charges including terrorism and separatism, and given sentences of up to life in prison.

An exiled Uighur group described the sentences as repressive.
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N. Korea cuts military hotline with South
2013-03-27 Wed 19:32
North Korea severed its military hotline with South Korea , the last direct communication link between the two countries, on Wednesday.
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Abe to Visit Mongolia from Sat.
2013-03-27 Wed 19:13
Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo will visit Mongolia for two days from Saturday to hold talks with the country's president, Tsakhia Elbegdorj.
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6.5-magnitude quake hits Taiwan
2013-03-27 Wed 16:50
A 6.5-magnitude earthquake jolted Nantou County, Taiwan on Wednesday morning.
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China says All Equipment on Aircraft Carrier Liaoning Home Made
2013-03-27 Wed 07:11
An official from China's Academy of Military Science says that all equipment mounted on the first Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning is developed and produced in China.

He insists that equipment has reached the level of reliability and maturity.
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Chinese engineer gets more than 5 years prison for exporting trade secrets
2013-03-27 Wed 06:32
A US court sentenced Chinese national to more than five years in prison following his conviction for illegally exporting details of US military technology to China.

Sixing Liu was convicted in September by a federal jury in Newark, New Jersey including possession of stolen trade secrets, violating the Arms Export Control Act and lying to federal agents.
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Chinese vessel fired on Vietnamese fishing boat
2013-03-26 Tue 20:11
A Chinese vessel opened fire on a Vietnamese fishing boat in disputed waters in the South China Sea.

Vietnamese foreign ministry said the very serious incident took place on 20 March near the Paracel islands.
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China to buy fighters and subs from Russia
2013-03-26 Tue 08:34
China has agreed to buy 24 fighter jets and four submarines from Russia, Chinese state media reported on Monday.

The agreement to buy the 24 Su-35 fighters and four Lada-class submarines was signed just before President Xi Jinping’s weekend visit to Russia, said the People’s Daily.
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Dead ducks found in China river
2013-03-26 Tue 07:35
Local officials say around 1,000 dead ducks have been pulled from Nanhe river in Pengshan county, Sichuan province.

Residents found the dead ducks in the river and alerted the environmental department.
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Rebels in control of Central Africa Republic's capital
2013-03-25 Mon 04:03
Rebels in the Central African Republic have seized control the capital after President Francois Bozize fled the presidential palace in Bangui, reports said on Sunday.

Mr Bozize arrived with his family in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a Congolese official said.
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Abe seeks N-Reactor Safety before Restart Decision
2013-03-25 Mon 01:59
Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo said on Sunday that he will decide whether nuclear reactors should be restarted after making sure their safety is guaranteed.

“I'd like to make a decision after the safety is ensured,” Abe said in Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture.
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N. Korea criticizes Abe's remarks
2013-03-24 Sun 13:44
North Korea criticized severely Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo for his predict that N.Korea’s regime will be collapsed if it continues its nuclear and missiles programs.

They warned that Japan will never be safe if war breaks out on the Korean Peninsula as it is within striking range.

"Abe talked about 'collapse' of the DPRK but he had better think twice before uttering such nonsense," the Rodong Sinmun newspaper said.

On March 15, Abe, in a televised interview, criticized Pyongyang's nuclear and missile development programs and said, "If things go on like this, North Korea will surely move further down the road to collapse."
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US announces China to join RIMPAC drill in 2014
2013-03-24 Sun 09:03
China will participate for the first time in a US-led military drill to be held off Hawaii next year, US Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said in a speech in Indonesia.

The Rim of the Pacific Exercise is the world's largest joint naval exercise, held once every two years.
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The possibility of collapse ;Chinese Skyscraper Frightened due to Poor Quality Concrete
2013-03-23 Sat 09:52
Construction on the Ping’an Financial Center in Shenzhen has been delayed after concrete used in its construction was found to contain corrosion-causing sea sand.

The Ping’an Finance Center is planned to top out at 660m, making it as China’s tallest one.
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China hack link a mistake, says S. Korea
2013-03-23 Sat 04:23
On Thursday, the Korean Communications Commission said they incorrectly linked a Chinese IP address to a cyber-attack earlier this week.
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