We must protect the senile elderly people from unscrupulous business operators by using the adult guardianship system.

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3rd Japanese victim dies in Guam hospital
2013-02-14 Thu 21:11
Another Japanese victim of Tuesday's vehicle and knife attack in Guam died Thursday morning in hospital, hospital officials said.

The male victim was identified by the Japanese Foreign Ministry as 51-year-old Yokota Hitoshi, who had been hospitalized in critical condition at Guam Memorial Hospital.
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Japan Lower House Condemns N. Korea's N-Test
2013-02-14 Thu 18:42
On Thursday, Japan's House of Representatives passed unanimously a resolution strongly condemning North Korea's third nuclear test.
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Tibetan man sets himself on fire in protest against China
2013-02-14 Thu 09:30
A Tibetan protester, dressed as a monk, has set himself on fire in Nepal's capital on Wednesday.

This is the latest self-immolation to protest Chinese rule in Tibet.

Nearly 100 Tibetans have set themselves on fire in various countries since 2009.
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