We must protect the senile elderly people from unscrupulous business operators by using the adult guardianship system.

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2 Russian fighters intrude into Japanese airspace off Hokkaido
2013-02-07 Thu 20:40
Two Russian fighter aircraft intruded into Japanese airspace off Hokkaido on Thursday, Japan's Defense Ministry said.

The Japanese government protested to Russia over the incident, Foreign Ministry said.

Russia's military denied the incursion, saying the jets were making routine flights near the disputed islands.
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Emergency Power Line Mistake-Cut in Oi N-Plant
2013-02-07 Thu 11:56
One of the two emergency power supply systems for the No. 3 reactor of Oi nuclear power plant operated by Kansai Electric Power Co. in Fukui Prefecture was shut down for about one minute on Wednesday afternoon.

It happened by human error, the Nuclear Regulation Authority said.

It was the first security-related trouble at the Oi plant since its No. 3 and No. 4 reactors were restarted in July last year.
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Tsunami Reaches Japan after 8.0-magnitude earthquake in South Pacific Quake
2013-02-07 Thu 08:34
Tsunami waves were observed in Japan following an 8.0-magnitude earthquake in the South Pacific on Wednesday, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.

A 40-centimeter tsunami reached Hachijojima, some 280 kilometers south of Tokyo, at 8:27 p.m.
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