We must protect the senile elderly people from unscrupulous business operators by using the adult guardianship system.

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No Room for Negotiations with China over Senkakus, Abe again says
2012-12-31 Mon 01:13
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe reiterated on Sunday that there is no room for negotiations over the Senkaku Islands which are also claimed by China.
Abe said on a television program that the Senkakus are our territory, so there is no room whatever for negotiations.
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China tightened controls on Internet users
2012-12-31 Mon 00:00
Everybody knows China’s authorities closely monitor the internet content which Hundreds of millions of people in China use.
China has recently tightened its rules on internet usage.
You should be surprised to know China's government tightened controls on Internet users on Friday by enacting rules requiring them to register their real names.
This is the evidence China's new leadership views the internet as a threat.
The government is trying to limit freedom of speech.
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Russian plane crashes into road,after overshooting a runway at Moscow's Vnukovo airport.
2012-12-30 Sun 23:17
A Russian passenger plane, the Red Wings Tupolev-204, has crashed into a road after overshooting a runway at a Moscow airport on Saturday .
At least four people were killed and three critically injured, police says.
The incident took place at around 16:35 local time.
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4 patients die at Yokohama hospital due to norovirus outbreak
2012-12-30 Sun 18:43
Four patients died at Yokohama Denentoshi Hospital in Yokohama on Saturday.
Before then, an outbreak of infectious gastroenteritis left nearly 100 patients and medical personnel ill at the hospital.
Yokohama Denentoshi Hospital said norovirus were detected in some of them.
Two male patients aged 80 and 92 and two female patients aged 95 and 97 died of breathing problems and pneumonia, hospital officials said.
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Abe Intends to Review Zero-Nuclear Policy
2012-12-30 Sun 00:00
Japan's new Prime Minister Abe Shinzo signaled his intention on Saturday to review the previous administration's policy to terminate nuclear power plants in the 2030s.
It will not become a reality simply by wishful thinking, Abe told reporters in Fukushima Prefecture.
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Russia to Continue Rearmament of Submarine Base at Kamchatka, Putin said
2012-12-30 Sun 00:00
Russia will continue rearmament of submarine base in Vilyuchinsk, Kamchatka Peninsula, said Russian president Vladimir Putin in the Parliament.

"Russia should have two bases for our strategic submarine force, one in European part, and one in the Far East. That will form very powerful and essential balance in maintaining our national security ", reports Interfax citing Putin.
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The People's Daily says Senkakus as Japanese territory.
2012-12-29 Sat 14:18
In an article of the People's Daily dated 8 January 1953, under the title of "Battle of people the Ryukyu Islands against the U.S. occupation", it was written that the Ryukyu Islands consist of 7 groups of islands , the Senkaku Islands, the Sakishima Islands, the Okinawa Islands , the Oshima Islands, the Tokara Islands, the Daito Islands and the Osumi Islands.
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!950 Chinese diplomatic document describs "Senkakus are part of Ryukyus."
2012-12-29 Sat 02:00

It is reported Friday that a Chinese diplomatic draft in 1950 indicated Chinese recognition of the Senkaku Islands as part of the Ryukyu Islands.
The wording in the draft uses the name Senkaku Islands.
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Japanese submarine I-15 (3)
2012-12-29 Sat 00:00
The I-15 series were the most numerous submarine class of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II.
A total of 20 ships were built, starting with I-15, which gave the series their alternative name.
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Dollar Hits 27-Month High near 86 Yen in Tokyo Trading
2012-12-28 Fri 00:00
The dollar hit a 27-month high near 86 Yen in Tokyo trading Thursday morning in response Japan's new cabinet's determination to address the yen's appreciation.
The dollar was quoted at 85.80-82 yen at noon.
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Abe returns as Japan's PM
2012-12-27 Thu 01:54
Abe Shinzo retuned as Japan's new prime minister on Wednesday.
Abe has officially started his second Cabinet after a confirmation ceremony at the Imperial Palace.
He had resigned as prime minister due to ill health in September 2007.
Abe has promised aggressive monetary easing to battle deflation.
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Hatsukari Station (3)
2012-12-27 Thu 00:00
The current station building was built in October 1951.
With the dissolution and privatization of the JNR on April 1, 1987, the station came to belong to the East Japan Railway Company(JRE).
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Abe Decided Key Executive Lineup of LDP
2012-12-26 Wed 00:00
Liberal Democratic Party President Abe Shinzo on Tuesday announced that the lineup of key executives of his party.
Abe named Takaichi Sanae as chairman of the party's Policy Research Council.
Noda Seiko was named as chairman of the General Council.
Abe retained Ishiba Shigeru as secretary-general, and Komura Masahiko as vice president.
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Airliner makes emergency landed in Myanmar, killing two people and injuring 11
2012-12-25 Tue 19:43
Two people have been killed and another 11 injured during the Fokker-100 jet operated by the Air Bagan made an emergency landing in Myanmar.
The plane was carrying more than 60 passengers.
It was on its way from the city of Rangoon to Heho airport in Shan state.
The plane crash landed about 3km from the runway.
Air Bagan is one of five private airlines that flies domestic routes in Myanmar.
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Chinese Plane Flies Near Senkakus Again
2012-12-25 Tue 00:00
A Chinese government plane approached the Senkaku Islands Monday, the Defense Ministry said.
However , the aircraft belonging China's State Oceanic Administration made no intrusion into Japanese airspace.
The Japanese Air Self-Defense Force sent out fighter jets from its base in Naha, Okinawa.
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Abe considers BOJ ACT revision if no inflation target adopted in Jan.
2012-12-25 Tue 00:00
Incoming Prime Minister Abe Shinzo said on Sunday that his government will consider revising the Bank of Japan Act if the BOJ does not adopt a 2 percent inflation target at its upcoming policy board meeting in January.
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Abe hints to abandon the policy of not allowing new nuclear reactors
2012-12-24 Mon 06:36
The head of the Liberal Democratic Party suggested on Saturday that he will consider revoking the ban on construction of new nuclear reactors.
Abe Shinzo, who is incoming prime minister on Wednesday, hinted that he could abandon the policy, which is aimed at reducing the nation's dependence on nuclear power.
"We'd like to review how to think about the issue nationwide," Abe said.
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Kim Jong Un hopes to develop more powerful rockets
2012-12-24 Mon 00:00
Kim has told his country's scientists to develop more powerful satellites and carrier rockets at a banquet on Friday to honor people involved in the launch of a rocket on December 12th.
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Chinese airplane flies again near Japanese airspace over Senkaku Islands
2012-12-23 Sun 06:04
The Japanese Defense Ministry said that a Chinese government airplane, a Y12 propeller plane belonging to China's State Oceanic Administration, flew near Japanese airspace over the Senkaku Islands on Saturday.
However, there had been no airspace incursion.
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Abe plans to send ex-PM Mori to Russia .
2012-12-23 Sun 02:16
Japan's incoming Prime Minister Abe Shinzo plans to send former Prime Minister Mori Yoshiro to Russia in February.
Abe is keen on making progress over a territorial row with Russia and is banking on Mori's close ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin to make progress toward settling the territorial dispute, the Liberal Democratic Party sources said.
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US citizen arrested in North Korea
2012-12-23 Sun 00:00
North Korea arrested a US citizen on 3 November, it said.
Pae Jun Ho , a Korean American, entered the country as a tourist ,state media reported.
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3 Chinese ships entered Japan's territorial waters near Senkakus
2012-12-22 Sat 03:01
Three Chinese government ships sailed into Japanese territorial waters around the Senkaku Islands on Friday morning, the Japan Coast Guard said.
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U.S. plans to deploy F-35 stealth fighters at Iwakuni naval base
2012-12-22 Sat 00:00
The United States plans to deploy F-35 fighters at the U.S. Air Force's Iwakuni base in 2017, US official said Tuesday.
It is the first overseas stationing of the stealth aircraft.
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Oldest Person in the World
2012-12-21 Fri 10:10
Kimura Jiroemon from Japan became the oldest person in the world following the death of a 115-year-old woman in the United States.
He was born on April 19, 1897.
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Mayan eschatology
2012-12-21 Fri 08:09
December 21, 2012 may be doomsday according to the Mayan apocalypse.
別窓 | 未分類 |
Japan Coast Guard 2013 parade canceled
2012-12-21 Fri 00:00
The Japan Coast Guard decided to cancel its annual parade for fiscal 2013, Commandant Kitamura Takashi said Wednesday.
He insists the need for patrols in waters around the Senkaku Islands.
The JCG decided to cancel the show due to the increase in its patrols around the Senkaku Islands.
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Park Geun-hye defeats Moon Jae-in in South Korea election
2012-12-20 Thu 06:21
Ms Park, the daughter of Park Chung-hee, defeated her rival Moon Jae-in.
She will be South Korea's first female president.
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Doomsday cult arrested in China
2012-12-20 Thu 00:00
Chinese police have arrested more than 500 members of a doomsday cult on suspicion of having spread the rumor about the imminent end of the world, state press said Tuesday.
別窓 | 未分類 |
Voting begins in S.Korean presidential election
2012-12-19 Wed 13:54
Millions of South Koreans are voting at ballot stations across the country to choose their next president.
Park Geun-hye of the governing Saenuri party aims to become South Korea's first female president.
But she faces a tough rival ,Moon Jae-in of the Democratic United Party, who is calling for a change of government.
別窓 | 未分類 |
Abe Urges BOJ to Set a Higher Inflation Target
2012-12-19 Wed 05:45
Liberal Democratic Party President Abe Shinzo and New Komeito leader Yamaguchi Natsuo agreed Tuesday to compile a large-scale supplementary budget for fiscal 2012.
On the other hand, Abe urges BOJ governor to set 2% inflation goal to bring the country out of deflation in a 20-minute meeting at the LDP's headquarters on Tuesday.
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