We must protect the senile elderly people from unscrupulous business operators by using the adult guardianship system.

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The Dragon came back home
2012-10-31 Wed 00:00

The Dragon spaceship splashed down in the Pacific Ocean ,several hundred miles west of Baja California. at 3:22 p.m. EDT Sunday, bringing back nearly one ton of experiment samples from the International Space Station.
A SpaceX recovery team lifted the capsule on the deck of a barge for the journey to Long Beach, Calif.
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Chinese patrol ships sail near Senkakus for 11th day
2012-10-30 Tue 16:21

4 Chinese maritime surveillance ships, including the Haijian 15, 26, 27 and 50, sailed in an area just outside Japan's territorial waters near the Senkaku Islands on Tuesday for the 11th day in a row, according to the Japan Coast Guard.
The coast guard has been warning four maritime surveillance vessels and two fisheries patrol vessels, not to enter Japanese territorial waters.
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Japan to defer Takeshima dispute to int'l court
2012-10-30 Tue 00:00

The Japanese government began making arrangements on Friday to defer a territorial dispute over South Korean-controlled islets to the International Court of Justice at least until November, government sources said.
The reason is why there have been signs of an improvement in bilateral ties.
A meeting held in New York in late September between the foreign ministers of the two countries is one of the signs.
The Court has jurisdiction over a dispute only when two parties to the dispute have agreed to bring the case to the court.
The court will not have jurisdiction until the ROK voluntarily accepts it.
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Chinese ship had entered the territorial waters near Senkakus
2012-10-29 Mon 00:00

It has been found 4 China ships had intruded into Japanese territorial waters near the Senkaku islands on Sunday ,according to the Japan Coast Guard.
The four China Marine Surveillance ships are the Haijian 15, 26, 49 and 50.
Japan Coast Guard ships gave warnings to the Chinese vessels but received no response.
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S Korea's third space shot scrubbed by fuel leak in Russian first stage
2012-10-28 Sun 00:00

South Korea delayed the launch of a satellite launch vehicle after detecting a leak in the fueling system for the rocket's Russian first stage
The Korea Satellite Launch Vehicle was being prepared for liftoff Friday from the Naro Space Center.
It is the third try for South Korea to loft a small satellite into orbit after two identical launchers failed in flights in 2009 and 2010.

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The People's Daily indicated Senkakus as Japanese territory.
2012-10-27 Sat 00:00

In an article of the People's Daily dated 8 January 1953, under the title of "Battle of people the Ryukyu Islands against the U.S. occupation", it was written that the Ryukyu Islands consist of 7 groups of islands , the Senkaku Islands, the Sakishima Islands, the Okinawa Islands , the Oshims Islands, the Tokara Islands, the Daito Islands and the Osumi Islands.
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Ishihara quits quits as Tokyo governor to form new party
2012-10-26 Fri 03:44

Ishihara Shintaro is resigning as the Tokyo governor to form a new national political party.
Ishihara announced plans Thursday.
"I want to return to the Diet once again by setting up a new political party together with my allies," he told reporters.
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Google removed the Korean address of Takeshima
2012-10-26 Fri 00:00

The U.S. Internet search giant Google Inc. has removed the address of South Korea which has been shown for Takeshima in Shimane Prefecture in the service "Google Maps" ,a Japanese local government said on Wednesday .
Google has changed the map at the request of the Japanese government and the Shimane Prefecture.
別窓 | 未分類 |
15 S Korean lawmakers visit to Takeshima islets
2012-10-25 Thu 00:00

South Korean lawmakers visited the islets on Tuesday.
Members of the parliamentary National Defense Committee flew to the islets on military helicopters.
The a daylong trip was aimed at checking security measures around the islets, committee member Han Ki Ho said.
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Japan’s rising imports lead to the biggest-ever trade deficit
2012-10-24 Wed 00:00

The government announced on Monday that Japan registered the biggest-ever trade deficit for a half of a fiscal year.

The reasons are the slowing exports affected by the global economic downturn amid the sovereign debt crisis in Europe,and the rising imports caused by increasing in fuel imports, including liquefied natural gas, the officials said.

For the first half of fiscal 2012 , Japan logged 3,219.0 billion yen in goods trade deficit.
別窓 | 未分類 |
16 countries to make atomic weapons illegal at the United Nations
2012-10-23 Tue 00:00

Japan will not join the initiative led by 16 countries, including Austria, Chile, Costa Rica, Denmark, Holy See, Egypt, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, the Philippines, South Africa and Switzerland.

Japan isn't backing the initiative because it affects Japan's security arrangement under the U.S. nuclear umbrella, government sources said.
別窓 | 未分類 |
Japan Coast Guard saves 64 Chinese in the East China Sea near Okinawa
2012-10-22 Mon 00:00

The Japan Coast Guard rescued all of 64 Chinese crew members of a cargo ship which caught fire on Sunday
in waters near Okinawa, the Japan Coast Guard said.

After receiving information from Taiwanese authorities that a fire had broken out on the 12,703-ton Ming Yang in waters about 150 kilometers southeast of the main island of Okinawa, the Japan Coast Guard dispatched aircraft and patrol vessels Saturday night.

"There was an explosion from the engine room" ,said the chief engineer of the cargo ship.

Three of them sustained minor injuries.
別窓 | 未分類 |
ASDF Scrambles at Record High
2012-10-21 Sun 00:00

The Defense Ministry's Joint Staff Office said on Thursday that the number of scrambles by Japan's Air Self-Defense Force fighter jets in April-September came to 209.

It is a fiscal first-half record in the last 10 years, the office said.

Of the total, scrambles against Chinese planes accounted for 69 due to China's active presence around Japanese territory.
別窓 | 未分類 |
China conducts naval exercise in the East China Sea
2012-10-20 Sat 00:00

A joint exercise in the East China Sea by marine surveillance ,fisheries agencies and the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy was conducted on Friday, state media reported.

A total of 11 vessels, eight aircraft and more than 1,000 personnel took part in the exercise.

However, China gave no details of the location in the East China Sea.
別窓 | 未分類 |
A Chinese fisherman killed by South Korean coast guards
2012-10-19 Fri 00:00

A Chinese fisherman was killed after South Korean coast guards shot him with a rubber bullet.
South Korean officials said that the coast guards were stopping Chinese boats fishing illegally in the Yellow Sea on Tuesday.
China has protested to South Korea over the death of the fisherman.
別窓 | 未分類 |
7 Chinese naval vessels pass near Okinawa island
2012-10-18 Thu 00:00

7 Chinese warships sailed into the contiguous zone off an Okinawa island on Tuesday.
The ships were sailing from the Pacific Ocean to the East China Sea at around 7 a.m. about 49 kilometers south-southeast of Yonaguni Island.

Later in the day, the seven vessels confirmed by Maritime Self-Defense Force P-3C aircraft headed northwest in the waters around 80 km southwest of Uotsuri Island.
However, the ships did not enter the contiguous zone near the Senkaku Islands.
別窓 | 未分類 |
A Russian cruiser passed Soya Strait
2012-10-17 Wed 00:00

The Ministry of Defense has announced Monday that a "Slava" class missile cruiser of the Russian Navy has passed from west to east through Soya Strait on Sunday.

At around 3:00 pm the same day, the MSDF P3C patrol aircraft discovered her about 160 kilometers west of Cape Soya, having confirmed her passing.
別窓 | 未分類 |
China successfully launched demo satellites
2012-10-16 Tue 00:00

China successfully launched a Long March 2C rocket with a pair of engineering research satellites on Sunday.
According to state-run media reports, the satellites were shot into space to test new technologies.
The Long March 2C launcher lifted off at 0325 GMT Sunday from the Taiyuan space center in Shanxi province.
The Long March 2C booster was carrying two Shijian 9 demonstration satellites.
別窓 | 未分類 |
Japan Faces many problems ,Noda said at an SDF naval review
2012-10-15 Mon 00:00

The Self-Defense Forces should be well prepared because the country's security environment is increasingly severe, Japanese Prime Minister Noda Yoshihiko said on Sunday.
In a speech at an SDF naval review off the coast of Kanagawa Prefecture, Noda emphasized that Japan faces many problems involving territory and sovereignty.
On the Maritime Self-Defense Force escort ship Kurama, Noda said the importance of SDF is increasing following outbreaks of issues over territory and sovereignty.
別窓 | 未分類 |
1960 Chinese map depicted Senkakus as Japanese territory: Genba said
2012-10-14 Sun 00:00

Foreign Minister Genba Koichiro at a press conference on Wednesday rebutted Chinese claims to Senkaku Islands, saying a Chinese map published in 1960 depicted the islet group as Japanese territory.

Genba also cited a letter of appreciation sent to a Japanese individual , who saved Chinese fishermen , from the then consul of the Republic of China in Nagasaki in 1920 that described the islets as the "Senkaku Islands, Yaeyama District, Okinawa Prefecture,Empire of Japan.".
別窓 | 未分類 |
Dragon arrives at station
2012-10-13 Sat 00:00

SpaceX's commercial Dragon cargo freighter made a
rendezvous with the International Space Station on Wednesday.
Japanese astronaut Hoshide and other ISS crew members used a robotic arm to grab the cargo ship.
The cargo reached the complex with 882 pounds of food, experiments and other equipment.
It will detach from the ISS and return to Earth late this month
別窓 | 未分類 |
MSDF officer found dead in Souryu
2012-10-12 Fri 00:00

A Maritime Self-Defense Force member was discovered drowned in the submarine Souryu, which is one of the newest type submarines of Japan on Monday.
At that time , the Soryu was on a trial cruise off Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture.
The crew member's body was found in the area where periscopes and antennas are stored in the submarine's sail.
The MSDF has launched an internal investigation commission to look into the accident.
別窓 | 未分類 |
Japan and Taiwan to Reopen Talks on Fishing near Senkakus
2012-10-11 Thu 00:00

Japan and Taiwan are expected to hold talks on fishing in waters near the Senkaku Islands.
It is for the first time in more than three and a half years.
Taiwan is protesting Japan's nationalization of some of the islands in September.
However, Tokyo has no official diplomatic relations with Taipei.
別窓 | 未分類 |
8 Chinese Ships Sail near Senkakus on Tuesday
2012-10-10 Wed 00:00

Eight Chinese government ships entered the contiguous zone outside Japanese territorial waters around the Senkaku Islands on Tuesday.
Four marine surveillance ships operated by China's State Oceanic Administration entered the contiguous zone off Kubajima around 7:30 a.m.
In addition, four fishery patrol ships operated by China's Bureau of Fisheries entered the contiguous zone off Uotsurijima in the afternoon.
別窓 | 未分類 |
Yamanaka and Gurdon share Nobel prize for stem cell work
2012-10-09 Tue 00:00

Yamanaka Shinya has won the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.
He shared with a British scientist.
Yamanaka won the prize for developing iPS cells.
別窓 | 未分類 |
A North Korea soldier defects to South
2012-10-08 Mon 00:00

A North Korean soldier has defected to the South across the border.
The soldier said he shot two officers before crossing over the border on Saturday.
別窓 | 未分類 |
China landslide killed 18 children
2012-10-07 Sun 00:00

Eighteen Chinese children have died after a landslide buried their primary school in Tiantou , Yunnan province, southern China, on Thursday..
Rescuers found the body of the last missing child early on Friday.
別窓 | 未分類 |
MSDF Ship and Helicopters Neared Takeshima .(1)
2012-10-06 Sat 00:00

Sources in the South Korean military said on Thursday that a Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force ship with helicopters entered military operation areas set by South Korea around Takeshima.
On Sept. 21, the 4,000-ton-class MSDF ship named Ariake moved into South Korea's naval operation area.
別窓 | 未分類 |
Turkey hits targets inside Syria
2012-10-05 Fri 00:00

Turkish artillery has fired on targets inside Syria after shells from Syria killed five people in a Turkish town.
A woman and her three children were among those killed.
Turkey's Parliament approved cross-border military action against Syria.
別窓 | 未分類 |
Japan and S. Korea to End Currency Swap Pact
2012-10-04 Thu 00:00

Japan and South Korea are likely to end a temporary expansion of their currency swap agreement at the end of October as scheduled.
Japan has not received a request from South Korea to extend the temporary measure, a senior official of the Japanese Finance Ministry said.
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