We must protect the senile elderly people from unscrupulous business operators by using the adult guardianship system.

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別窓 | スポンサー広告 |
Sumiyoshi Festival (1)
2012-07-31 Tue 00:00

Sumiyoshi taisha is a Shinto shrine located in Sumiyoshi Ward ,Osaka City, Japan.
The shrine was built in the 3rd century.
It is the main shrine of over 2,000 Sumiyoshi shrines nationwide.
Sumiyoshi Festival is the last of all the summer festivals held in Osaka including the Tenjin festival.
Nagoshi-harai-shinji ritual is held on the 31st.
In this ritual, nagoshime women and children in costumes of the Muromachi Period go through three large rings made of thatch(chi no wa) one after another to get rid of impurity or kegare.
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Soma-Nomaoi Festival
2012-07-30 Mon 00:00

Soma-Nomaoi is a festival that recreates a battle scene more than 1,000 years ago.
The festival features men in full samurai costume with long swords at their side and ancestral flagstaffs streaming from their backs riding horses.
It is held for 4 days from July 27th to 30th in Haramachi City, Fukushima Prefecture.
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Successful berthing of "KONOTORI 3" (HTV3)
2012-07-29 Sun 00:00
To the International Space Station


The "KONOTORI 3" (HTV3) was captured by the ISS robotic arm at 21:23 p.m. on July 27 (Japanese Standard Time、,JST).

The HTV3 was successfully berthed to the ISS at 2:31 a.m. on July 28 (JST).
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London Olympics open
2012-07-28 Sat 08:44

Some billion people worldwide are watching the opening ceremony on television and 80,000 people are watching it in the Olympic Stadium.
The athletes are parading from 204 nations and territories.
The Queen declares the London Olympics open.
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Rainy season ends in Tohoku region
2012-07-28 Sat 00:00

The rainy season has apparently ended in the Tohoku region, the Japan Meteorological Agency announced Thursday.
In early summer, most parts of Japan get visited by a rainy season ,the so called Tsuyu.
The rainy season lasts from the beginning of June to mid July.
Only Hokkaido is not affected by the Tsuyu.
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Doyo no ushi no hi
2012-07-27 Fri 23:58

"Doyo no ushi no hi" in summer is a day in late July dedicated to eating eel in Japan.
The day falls on July 27th this year.
It is said that the custom began in the 18th century.
Since Japanese summer is hot and humid, many people suffer from summer fatigue.
They believe that unagi gives them stamina.
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Kaifu Station(2)
2012-07-27 Fri 00:00

Kaifu Station became a station of JR Shikoku on April 1 ,1987 with the privatization of government owned Japan National Railways.
Asa Kaigan Railway’s Kaito Line was opened on March 26, 1992.
The station became a union station used by JR Shikoku and Asa Kaigan Railway.
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Ospreys arrive in Iwakuni
2012-07-26 Thu 00:00

Twelve MV-22 Osprey aircraft were unloaded off the private transport vessel Green Ridge at the U.S. Marine Corps' base in Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, on Monday morning.
The Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey is a tiltrotor aircraft which takes off and lands like a helicopter, and then its engine nacelles can be rotated to convert the aircraft to a turboprop airplane.
U.S. plans to deploy the aircraft at the Marine Corps' Futenma Air Station in Ginowan City, Okinawa Prefecture.
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Tenjin Matsuri (2)
2012-07-25 Wed 00:00

The highlight of this summer festival is the land procession.
It is a parade of some 3,000 people dressed in the imperial-court style of the Heian Period.
They are marching beside portable shrines.
Another highlight starts on the river.
It is the boat procession.
Some 100 boats sail upstream from the Tenmabashi Bridge.
At dusk, torch-lit boats are cruising the river and the fireworks are displayed.
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Tenjin Matsuri (1)
2012-07-24 Tue 00:00

Tenjin Matsuri is held at Osaka Tenman-gu Shrine in Kita Ward, Osaka City on July 24th and 25th.
The shrine is dedicated to Sugawara-no-Michizane,who was a scholar,poet,and politician of Heian Period.
Michizane is deified as the patron god of learning and art.
Having a history of more than 1,000 years, the Tenjin Matsuri is one of the three greatest festivals of Japan.
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Konotori 3 launched successfly
2012-07-23 Mon 00:00

The H-IIB Launch Vehicle No. 3 with the Konotori 3 onboard lifted off from the Tanegashima Space Center at 11:06:18 on July 21 (Japan Standard Time.)
The launch vehicle flew very smoothly.
The Konotori 3 separation was confirmed at 14 minutes and 53 seconds after liftoff.
Konotori ,HTV,is a cargo transporter to the International Space Station.
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Oi No. 4 reactor restarted
2012-07-22 Sun 00:00

The No. 4 reactor at the Oi nuclear power plant of KEPCO in Oi Town ,Fukui Prefecture was reactivated at 9 p.m. Wednesday.
It reached criticality at 6 a.m. Thursday.
The 1.18-million-kilowatt reactor started generating and transmitting electricity on Saturday.
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Wind-bells Bazaar (July)
2012-07-21 Sat 00:00


A wind-bells bazaar is held at Kawasaki Daishi Temple in Kawasaki City,]Kanagawa Prefecture for 4 days, containing 20th and 21st, in July.
Kawasaki Daishi, established more than 880 years ago, is the Grand Head Temple of the Chisan Sect of the Shingon Buddhism.
Wind-bells Bazaar is loved by people as a poetical summer feature.
Various kinds of wind-bells from over the country are sold at the bazaar.
On the 20th, lots of people enjoy Bon dancing.
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Ringo no Uta
2012-07-20 Fri 00:00

"Ringo no Uta"was a popular song used in the 1945 Japanese movie Soyokaze, the first one after World War II in Japan.
The song was written by Sato Hachiro and composed by Manjome Tadashi.
It was sung by Namiki Michiko and Kirishima Noboru .
Ringo no Uta was broadcasted on a NHK radio for the first time on December 10, 1945 and recorded by Nippon Colombia in January 1946.
The record exceed 100,000 copies.

Ringo kawaii ya
Kawaii ya ringo

The apple is lovely,
Oh ! lovely apple.
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A new station on the Yamanote Line
2012-07-19 Thu 00:00

JR East plans to construct a new station between Shinagawa and Tamachi stations on the Yamanote Line.
It will be the first new stop in more than 40 years on the loop line in central Tokyo.
The last station to open on the line was Nishi-Nippori in 1971.
The planned station will be the 30th on the Yamanote Line.
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Rainy season ends in many areas
2012-07-18 Wed 00:00

The rainy season was declared over in many parts of Japan by the Japan Meteorological Agencyon Tuesday.
Temperatures were between 30 C and 35 C in most places.
It rose to 39.2 C in Tatebayashi City, Gunma Prefecture.
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Yamaboko Junko
2012-07-17 Tue 00:00

The Gion Matsuri takes place throughout July.
But the climax of the festival is without doubt the Yamaboko Junko held on 17 July.
It is a procession featuring 32 magnificent floats.
The floats are divided into two types , yama and hoko.
The nine enormous hoko and the 23 smaller yama parade throughout the main streets of Kyoto.
Many are decorated with ornaments including 15th-century Dutch and Turkish tapestries.
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Marine Day
2012-07-16 Mon 00:00

Marine Day is a Japanese national holiday.
It is celebrated on the third Monday in July.
The day was designated as Marine Memorial Day in 1941 to mark the return of Emperor Meiji to the port of Yokohama in 1876 from a trip to northern Japan.
But it was not a national holiday.
It was designated the holiday in 1996 to commemorate Emperor Meiji and his 1876 voyage in the Meiji-Maru.
The Happy Monday System legislation moved the date from July 20 to the third Monday of July from 2003.
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Russian Soyuz blasts off for I S S
2012-07-16 Mon 00:00

The Soyuz TMA-05M spacecraft blasted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 02:40 GMT on Sunday with Russian, Japanese and American astronauts on board.
They are set to dock with the ISS early on Tuesday.
The three astronauts are Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko, Nasa's Sunitia Williams and Japanese astronaut Akihiko Hoshide.
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Gion Festival
2012-07-15 Sun 00:00

The Gion Festival is said to be one of the three famous festivals in Japan.
The other two are Kanda Matsuri in Tokyo and Tenjin Matsuri in Osaka.
It takes place annually in Kyoto .
The climax of the festival is the Yamaboko Junko, crowned by a parade on July 17.
別窓 | 未分類 |
Kyushu rains continue
2012-07-14 Sat 12:48

A powerful seasonal rain front continued in the Kyushu region on Friday, causing 19 deaths and leaving 8 peoples missing.
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Kaifu Station(1)
2012-07-14 Sat 00:00

Kaifu Station is a train station located in Kaiyo Town, Kaifu District, Tokushima Prefecture, Japan.
The station serves JR Shikoku Mugi Line and Asa Kaigan Railway Asato Line.
On October 1, 1973, Kaifu Station is opened by Japanese National Railways
as the first elevated station in Shikoku.
At first, it is a terminal station of Mugi Line.
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Heavy rains in kyusyu
2012-07-13 Fri 00:00

Heavy rains in the prefectures of Kumamoto and Oita killed 18 people and left at least 8 more missing Thursday following massive landslides and flooding.
Heavy rains will be expected again on Friday morning.
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Asa Kaigan Railway Asato Line(1)
2012-07-12 Thu 00:00

The Asato Line is a Japanese railway line running between Kaifu Station in Kaiyo Town ,Kaifu District, Tokushima Pref. and Kannoura Station in Toyo Town, Aki District, Kochi Pref., Japan..
This is the only railway line operated by Asa Kaigan Railway,the third sector company .
The construction of Asa Line was started by Japanese National Railways in 1959.
The portion of it was opened as Mugi Line ,connecting the prefectural capital of Tokushima with the town of Kaiyo ,in 1973.
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Doai Station (2)
2012-07-11 Wed 00:00

It takes 10 minutes to walk the 486 steps from the ticket gate to the platform bound for Nagaoka.
The other platform bound for Minakami is at street level, above ground.
On September 1, 1931,it was opened as a signal box with the opening of Jouetsu Line between Minakami and Echigoyuzawa.
On December 19, 1936 ,it became a train station and provided passenger service during ski season.
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Manseibashi Station (2)
2012-07-10 Tue 00:00

Kobu Railway opened the railway line between Tachikawa and Shinjuku on April 11, 1889. The line was gradually extended towards the center of Tokyo.
The Kobu Railway was nationalized on October 1, 1906.
Manseibashi Station was opened on April 1, 1912 by Japanese Government Railways.
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Doai Station (1)
2012-07-09 Mon 00:00

Doai Station is a railway station on the JR East Joetsu Line located in Minakami City, Gunma Prefecture, Japan.
The station is known as the deepest station with stairs of 486 steps at total to the ground level in Japan.
The platform bound for Echigo-Yuzawa and Nagaoka is located 70 meters under ground.
It is located in the middle of Shin-Shimizu Tunnel being constructed in 1967.
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Abiko stations (Osaka)(1)
2012-07-08 Sun 00:00

In Osaka, there are four stations named Abiko.
Abiko Station is a train station on the Osaka Municipal Subway Midosuji Line located in 7 -chome Karita,Sumiyoshi Ward, Osaka City.
It is located at the southern end of Osaka City.
Another one is Abiko-cho Station on the JR West Hanwa Line located in 3 -chome Abiko,Sumiyoshi Ward, Osaka City.
The third one is Abiko-mae Station on Nankai Electric Railway Koya Line located in 1-chome Oriono,
Sumiyoshi ward, Osaka City.
The last one is Abiko-michi Station that is a tram stop on the Hankai Tramway Hankai Line located in Shimizuaoka,Sumiyoshi Ward,Osaka City.
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2012-07-07 Sat 00:00

Tanabata is a Japanese traditional star festival.
People write their wishes on tanzaku papers and hang them on bamboo branches.
This Japanese star festival originates from the Chinese Qixi Festival.
It celebrates the meeting of the deities Orihime and Hikoboshi only once a year on the seventh day of the seventh month in the lunar calendar.
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Abiko, Chiba(1)
2012-07-06 Fri 00:00

Abiko is a city located in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.
As of April 2012, the city had an estimated population of 132,999.
The total area was 43.19 km².
Abiko is bordered by the Tone River to the north , and was a river port on the Tone River during the Edo Period.
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