We must protect the senile elderly people from unscrupulous business operators by using the adult guardianship system.

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Keio Sagamihara Line (1)
2012-06-30 Sat 00:00

The Keio Sagamihara Line is a 22.6 km Japanese railway line operated by Keio Corporation.
It runs between Hashimoto Station in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture and Chofu Station in Chofu City, Tokyo.
The line was opened on June 1, 1916.
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Jojuin (2)
2012-06-29 Fri 00:00


The shogunate of Kamakura, Hojo Yasutoki, invited the high priest from Kyoto in 1215, and ordered the erection of this temple to worship the God of Fire, Fudomyo'o.
The temple was ruined by fires set ablaze by Nitta Yoshisada ,a supporter of the Southern Court of Emperor Go-Daigo in the Nanboku-cho period ,when his invading Kamakura in 1333.
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Hanando Station(1)
2012-06-28 Thu 00:00

Hanando Station is a railway station on the
Fukui Railway Fukubu Line located in Hanando-kita , Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture, Japan.
The station was opened on July 26, 1925.
The Fukubu Line was double-tracked from this station to Fukui-Shin Station in July 1950.
Freight services were abolished in 1977.
There are two side platforms serving two tracks on the ground.
The station has a small station building made of concrete blocks.
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Jojuin (1)
2012-06-27 Wed 00:00


Jojuin is a Buddhist temple of the Shingon sect Daikakugi school located in Kamakura City ,Kanagawa Prefecture.
In the Heian Period, a priest Kobo Daishi, the founder of the Shingon sect, visited , and resided for almost 100 days at this place where he has performed invocation to Kokubosatsu by using holy fire, the Goma rites.
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Yamada Line (1)
2012-06-26 Tue 00:00

The Yamada Line is a railway line operated by JR East.
The line runs between Morioka Station in Morioka City and Kamaishi Station in Kamaishi City via Miyako Station in Miyako City all within Iwate Prefecture.
This line is divided into two sections.
From Kamaishi to Miyako, trains run along the Sanriku-Kaigan Sea.
From Miyako to Morioka , trains run deep into the mountains.
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Utsunomiya Line
2012-06-25 Mon 00:00


The Utsunomiya Line is a 159.9 kilometre section of the Tohoku Main Line between Ueno in Tokyo and Kuroiso Stations in Nasushiobara, Tochigi, Japan.
The Utsunomiya Line is the common name given to this section by the JR East which operates the Tohoku Main Line.
The JR East plans to extend this line to Tokyo Station via the Tohoku Jukan Line currently under construction. 
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Govt. plans to test-drill for oil and gas in Sea of Japan
2012-06-24 Sun 00:00

The government plans to test-drilling for underwater oil and natural gas where a potentially large-scale oilfield has been found, off the coast of Niigata Prefecture.
Govt. will test-drill to a depth of about one kilometer, about 30 kilometers southwest of Sadogashima Island.

There can be reserves of oil and natural gas in an area covering about 135 square kilometers, 2,700 meters under the seafloor.
f Japan
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Iwate Galaxy Railway Line(2)
2012-06-23 Sat 00:00

When the Tohoku Shinkansen was extended to Hachinohe Station in 2002, the section between Morioka and Hachinohe of the Tohoku Main Line was separated from the line and converted to the lines of Iwate Galaxy Railway and Aomori Railway Company.
However, JR Freight and JR East express trains continue to travel over this line.
The 701 series is operated on local services by Iwate Galaxy Railway as IGR 7000 series.
There are 16 stations including both terminals.
It runs 82.0 kmin length. .
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Iwaizumi Line (1)
2012-06-22 Fri 00:00

The Iwaizumi Line is a railway line operated by the JR East.
The line runs between Moichi Station in Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture and Iwaizumi Station in Iwaizumi Town, Shimohei District, Iwate Prefecture.

The operation of the line has been suspended since July 31, 2010 due to a train derailment in a section of line between Oshikado and Iwate-Okawa.
The JR East has been providing buses as alternate transportation.
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Iwate Galaxy Railway Line(1)
2012-06-21 Thu 00:00


The Iwate Galaxy Railway Line is a rail line operated by the Iwate Galaxy Railway Company.
It runs between Morioka Station in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture and Metoki Station in Sannohe Town, Aomori Prefecture.
The line was part of the JR East Tohoku Main Line until 2002.
It was separated with the opening of the Tohoku Shinkansen.
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SL Hitoyoshi
2012-06-20 Wed 00:00

"SL Hitoyoshi" is the JR Kyushu's sightseeing train running between Kumamoto and Hitoyoshi on the Hisatsu line.
It consists of a steam locomotive(JNR D51 Class )and three restored cars.
SL Hitoyoshi train is running once a day between Kumamoto and Hitoyoshi.
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Shenzhou-9 docks with Tiangong-1
2012-06-19 Tue 00:00


China's Shenzhou-9 capsule has docked with the Tiangong-1 space lab at 14:07 Beijing time on Monday.
The Shenzhou mission was launched on Saturday from the Jiuquan spaceport, taking the nation's first female astronaut into orbit.
Thirty-three-year old Liu Yang flies with Commander Jing Haipeng, 46, and fellow flight engineer, Liu Wang, 42.
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PM Noda orders nuclear reactors' restart
2012-06-18 Mon 00:00

On June 16 , Noda has announced that it will restart two nuclear reactors at the Ohi plant in Fukui prefecture.
Noda says the move is necessary to prevent power shortages.
The Nos. 3 and 4 reactors are expected to be in full operation as early as July 24, officials said.
Japan's 50 reactors were shut down for routine maintenance after the meltdown at the Fukushima power plant.
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Ishigaki Island(2)
2012-06-17 Sun 00:00

Ishigaki is the second largest island,with 222.64 km²of area, of the Yaeyama Island group.
Ishigaki Airport is the largest airport in the Yaeyamas.
Much of the island and surrounding waters are part of Iriomote-Ishigaki National Park located on and around the Yaeyama Islands of the East China Sea.
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Hisatsu Line (1)
2012-06-16 Sat 00:00

The Hisatsu Line is a railway line operated by the Kyushu Railway Company (JR Kyushu).
The line runs between Yatsushiro in Yatsusiro City and Hayato Stations in Kirishima City.
The Hisatsu Line was a part of Kagoshima Main Line until seaside line of Kagoshima Main Line was opened in 1927.
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Isaburo/Shinpei (1)
2012-06-15 Fri 00:00

Isaburo/Shinpei is a local line train with a nostalgic atmosphere that runs between Hitoyoshi and Yoshimatsu Stations on the Hisatsu Line in Kyushu area.
This unique name comes from the Telecommunications Minister and the head of the Railway Bureau, Isaburo Yamagata and Shinpei Goto, respectively ,when the Hisatsu Line was opened in 1909.
This classic black or red cars with special retro interiors provide for passengers sightseeing announcements and slows down around famous spots along the route.
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Ishigaki Island(1)
2012-06-14 Thu 00:00

Ishigaki is an island belonging to the Yaeyama Island group which lies west of Okinawa Honto.
The island is located around 2000km from Tokyo.
It has a population around 48,000.
It is within the City of Ishigaki in Okinawa Prefecture.
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2012-06-13 Wed 00:00

Hayabusa was an unmanned spacecraft developed by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).
Hayabusa was launched on 9 May 2003.
It returned a sample of material from a small near-Earth asteroid Itokawa to Earth on 13 June 2010.
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2012-06-12 Tue 00:00

Yonaguni belongs the Yaeyama Islands.
The island is the westernmost inhabited island of Japan.
It has an area of 28.88 km2 and a population around 1700.
The island lies only 108 kilometers from the east coast of Taiwan.
There are three towns, Sonai, Kubura and Higawa.
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Tekuno-Sakaki Station
2012-06-11 Mon 00:00

Tekuno-Sakaki Station is a railway station on the Shinano Railway Shinano Railway Line , located in Minamijo, the town of Sakaki, Hanishina District, Nagano Prefecture, Japan.
The station was opened by the Shinano Railway on April 1, 1999.
There are two side platforms serving two tracks on the ground.
The platforms are connected by an overpass.
The station ta a Kan'i itaku station outsourced by the Sakaki Town's government.
As of 2007, it served averaged 499 passengers in a day.
Nearby is Kanai -Nakanojo Industrial Park.
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Kumagawa Railroad Yunomae Line (2)
2012-06-10 Sun 00:00

As the company name suggests, the line runs along Kuma River , a river in Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu Island.
The company is also known as Kumatetsu.
The line is 24.8 km long .
There are 14 stations including both terminals.
The line is not electrified.
The entire line is one-track.
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Prime Minister Noda urges need to restart Oi nuclear reactors
2012-06-09 Sat 00:00

Japan must restart two nuclear reactors at the Ohi nuclear plant to protect the country's economy and livelihoods when Japan is facing a summer of power shortages, Prime Minister Noda Yoshihiko has warned on Friday in a televised broadcast.
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Kumagawa Railroad Yunomae Line (1)
2012-06-08 Fri 00:00

The Yunomae Line, operated by Kumagawa Railroad, is a railway line in Kumamoto Prefecture, between Hitoyoshi-Onsen Station in Hitoyoshi City and Yunomae Station in Yunomae Town.
The Kumagawa Railroad is the third sector company.
The company took former JR Kyushu line in 1989.
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Tsurumaru Station
2012-06-07 Thu 00:00

Tsurumaru Station is a train station located in Tsurumaru ,Yusui Town, Aira District, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.
The station was newly opened on February 1, 1958 between Yoshimatsu and Kyomachi Stations on the Japanese National Railways(JNR) Kitto Line.
On April 1, 1987, JNR was privatized and the station came under the control of JR Kyushu.
The station has a single side platform serving one track on the ground.
There is no station building except a simple weather shelter on the platform.
The station is unattended.
It is 2.6 km from the terminus at Yoshimatsu Station.
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Ichijomodori-bashi Bridge (4)
2012-06-06 Wed 00:00
Across Horikawa street from Ichijomodori-bashi Bridge sits Seimei Shrine.
The shrine enshrines Abe no Seimei who was the famed Heian Onmyoji.

Seimei was said to have been performing fortune telling about the affairs of the Imperial court.
There are strange legends about him.
For example, he could understand birds’voices.

In the precincts of the Seimei Shrine, the miniature of the Ichijimodori-bashi Bridge is located.

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Japan's 1st non-parliamentarian defense chief.
2012-06-05 Tue 00:00

Japan's Prime Minister has reshuffled his cabinet .
Five ministers were replaced, including Defence Minister Tanaka Naoki.
Morimoto Satoshi succeeds him.
Morimoto becomes Japan's 1st non-parliamentarian defense chief.
He was a former member of the Air Self-Defense Force and Foreign Ministry bureaucrat and is now professor at Takushoku University Graduate School.
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JS Yamayuki
2012-06-04 Mon 00:00

JS Yamayuki is the eighth ship of the Hatsuyuki class destroyer belonging to the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF).
The ship was built by Hitachi, Maizuru and commissioned into service on December 3 ,1985.
She has been deployed to Yokosuka in convoy 11 since 2011.
This ship has participated in disaster relief after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami ,and has conducted search and resucue, medical evacuation, trasnport service, food delivery.
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Ichijomodori-bashi Bridge (3)
2012-06-03 Sun 00:00

Abe no Seimei, an onmyoji, a leading specialist of Onmyodo during the middle of the Heian Period,used twelve shikigami, or servant spirits, one for each branch of the zodiac.
However, his wife hated them and Seimei stashed them under the Modoribashi bridge.
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Ichijomodori-bashi Bridge (2)
2012-06-02 Sat 00:00

According to the Senjusho, Miyoshi Kiyotsura’s funeral procession crossed this bridge, and his son, the priest Jozo from Kumano Province, who missed his father’s last moment, just joined the procession on the bridge.
Jozo prayed to Buddha.
All of a sudden, the corpse of the dead father came to life briefly .
Jozo could do a formal farewell to the father.
After this incident in the Heian Period, the bridge was believed to connect to the another world and had been called as Modoribashi or the 'returning bridge'.
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Ichijomodori-bashi Bridge (1)
2012-06-01 Fri 00:00

Ichijomodori-bashi Bridge spans the Hori-kawa River at Ichijo-dori Street in Kyoto.
This is the very special one among many bridges in Kyoto.
The bridge is one of the most creepy spots of Kyoto.
There have been several stories that imply the bridge connects to the another world.
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