We must protect the senile elderly people from unscrupulous business operators by using the adult guardianship system.

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Osaka Stadium(1)
2011-09-30 Fri 00:00

Osaka Stadium was a baseball stadium located in Naniwa Ward, Osaka City, Japan.
The stadium was opened in 1950.
It served as the home ballpark for the Nankai Hawks(1950-1988),the Kintetsu Pearls(1950-1957) and the Yosho Robbins(1953-1954).
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Nishikujo Station(1)
2011-09-29 Thu 00:00

Nishikujo Station is a railway station located in Konohana Ward, Osaka City, Japan.
The station is shared with JR West and Hanshin Electric Railway.
It is served by the Osaka Loop Line, the Sakurajima Line (JR Yumesaki Line) and the Hanshin Namba Line.This station was opened on Oct.1,1898 by Nishinari Railway between Nota and Ajikawaguchi Stations.
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Mt. Hiyori
2011-09-28 Wed 00:00

Mt. Hiyori is the second lowest mountain at 6.05 meters high ,behind the 4.53 meter high Mt. Tempo in Osaka,among the mountains registered on the topographic map by Geographical Survey Institute of Japan.
The mountain is located in the city of Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture.
However, the mountain was washed away by the March 11 tsunami.
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Akechi Railway Akechi Line(1)
2011-09-27 Tue 00:00

The Akechi Line is a railway line in Gifu Prefecture,Japan between Ena and Akechi stations
Both stations are located in the city of Ena.
The line is operated by the third sector company Akechi Railway.
The company took over the former Japanese National Railways line in 1985.
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Kenryu submarine
2011-09-26 Mon 00:00

The Kenryu submarine was launched on Nov.15,2010 at the shipyard of Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corporation in Kobe.
The vessel has been under construction since 2008.
The Kenryu is the fourth Soryu class submarine and can remain submerged longer than conventional submarines because its engines operate without the need to rise to the surface for air.
She has an Stirling AIP engine.
This vessel is 84m long,10.3m deep and displaces 2,950 tons.
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Chomonkyo Station(1)
2011-09-25 Sun 00:00

Chomonkyo Station is a train station on the JR West Yamaguchi Line located in Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan.
The station was opened on April 29,1922 as a temporary station of the Japanese National Railways between Shinome Station and Mitani Station.
It became a formal station in 1928.
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Aoba Shrine(1)
2011-09-24 Sat 00:00

Aoba Shrine is a Shinto shrine located in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture.
In 1874, this shrine was built in the precinct at Tosho-ji Temple in Kitayama, near the site of the former Aoba Castle.
It was established to commemorate Date Masamune, an ancestor of Date clan leaders.
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Autumnal Equinox Day
2011-09-23 Fri 00:00

Autumnal Equinox Day is a public holiday in Japan.
The day usually occurs on September 22 or 23.
The sun makes night and day of equal length on this day.
People clean the tombs of their ancestors and offer flowers and incense to pay homage to their spirits.
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Mt. Benten
2011-09-22 Thu 00:00

Mt. Benten is only 6.1 meters high, located at Benzaiten, Katanokami-cho, Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture.
It is famous for the lowest among the natural mountains registered on the topographic map by Geographical Survey Institute of Japan.

The Mt. Benten is also called Bentenjima island because it was a small island surrounded by the sea in the Kamakura period.
On the top of the mountain there is a shrine which enshrined Benzaiten (a goddess of wealth) and is worshipped by the local people.
Successful climber will be awarded a climbing certificate.
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Towada Kanko Electric Railway Line (1)
2011-09-21 Wed 00:00

The Towada Kanko Electric Railway Line is a Japanese railway line running between Misawa Station and Towadashi Station all within eastern Aomori Prefecture.
It is operated by Towada Kanko Electric Railway.
It is also known as Totetsu.
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Watarase Keikoku Line
2011-09-20 Tue 00:00

The Watarase Keikoku Line is a Japanese railway line running between Kiryu Station in Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture and Mato Station in Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture.
The line is operated by the third-sector company Watarase Keikoku Railway.
It is also known as “Watetssu”.
Watarase Keikoku Railway is ex-JNR Ashio Line.
The company acquired the line from the JR East in 1989 and named it after the Watarase River because it runs along the river through a deep valley.
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Respect-for-the-Aged Day
2011-09-19 Mon 00:00

Respect-for-the-Aged Day is a Japanese holiday celebrated annually on the third Monday of September.
It has been celebrated to honor elderly citizen since 1966.
However this was previously held on September 15.
Beginning in 2003, this national holiday is
held on the third Monday of September due to the Happy Monday System.
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Kakinokizaka no Ie
2011-09-18 Sun 00:00

Worsd by Ishimoto Miyuki
Music by Funamura Tohru
Sung by Aoki Koichi.

A house on Kakinokizaka

The persimmon flowers bloom in spring.
The persimmon fruits ripen in autumn.
Kakinokizaka is three ris from the station.
I recall it.
That's the sad farewell on my hometown's shuttle bus!

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Mount Ishizuchi(2)
2011-09-17 Sat 00:00

Mount Ishizuchi is known as 'the roof of Shikoku'.
It is also known as one of Seven Holy Mountains.
This mountain has been an important object of worship in Shikoku area.
On the top of the mountain there is a small shrine called Ishizuchi Shrine.
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Fox Wedding Festival
2011-09-16 Fri 00:00

This festival is held at Hanaoka ,part of the city of Kudamatsu in Yamaguchi Prefecture.
It will be held annually on Novembr 3rd,
There is a Fox Bride and a Fox Groom in the festival.
They hide their faces by the fox masks .
And it’s strictly forbidden for anyone to know who they are.
Afterwards, the woman who performed a Fox Bride in this festival is said that a good husband will be given to her.
Every year on November 3rd, visitors, more than 40000 people, come to see the pageant.
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Ginza kankan musume(1)
2011-09-15 Thu 00:00

Lylics by Saeki Takao,
Music by Hattori Ryoichi,
Sung by Takamine Hideko.

This is a theme song of a 1949 black and white Japanese film” Ginza kankan musume” directed by Shima Koji.

Ginza Cancan Girls

Oh, it is a lovely girl,
Can Can Girl.
Wearing red blouse and putting on sandals
For whom does she wait?
At a street corner in Ginza.
While looking up at the clock tower restlessly,
She is smiling.
This is the Can Can Girl in Ginza.
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Hikari Station(2)
2011-09-14 Wed 00:00

Present station building is constructed on July 5, 1983.
There are one single side platform and an island platform with three tracks.
Two platforms are connected by an
overpass on the east side of the station.
Nijigahama Beach, being famous for its beautiful white sands, is located nearby.
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Fukugawa Station(1)
2011-09-13 Tue 00:00

Fukugawa Station is a train station on the JR West Sanyo Main Line located in the Fukugawa part of Shunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan.
The station was opened on March 17,1898 by Sanyo Railway.
On December 1,1906 , the station was transferred to the Japanese National Railways after the nationalization of the line under the Railway Nationalization Act.
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2011-09-12 Mon 17:05

Otsukimi is a Japanese festival honoring the autumn moon.
Tsukimi means moon viewing.
This festival takes place on the 15th day of the eighth month of the Japanese lunisolar calendar (Jugoya)to celebrate of the mid autumn full moon.
This year, it is celebrated on September 12 of the modern solar calendar.
The most famous tsukimi related food is tsukimi dango(Sweet round dumplings).
Traditionally, dango and satoimo (taro potatoes) with susuki grass are offered to the moon on Jugoya.
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Mount Ishizuchi(1)
2011-09-12 Mon 00:00

Mount Ishizuchi is a 1,982 metres high mountain located in Ehime Prefecture,Japan.
The mountain, tallest mountain in Western Japan, is part of Shikoku Mountains on the island of Shikoku.
It is one of the 100 famous mountains in Japan.
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Aoi sanmyaku(song)(1)
2011-09-11 Sun 00:00

This is the theme song of a 1949 black-and-white Japanese film.
Worsd by Saijo Yaso,
Music by Hattri Ryooichi,
Sung by Fujiyama Ichiro and Nara Mitsue,

With young and bright singing voices,
The avalanche disappears,
The flower blooms too.
Yukiwarizakura on the green mountain range,
From outskirts of the sky,
It calls our dream today.

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Asukayama Station(1)
2011-09-10 Sat 00:00

Asukayama Station is a railway station on the Toden Arakawa Line located in Takinogawa, Kita Ward, Tokyo Prefecture.
The line is operated by Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation.
The station was opened in 1911 by Oji Electric Railway.
On February 1, 1942, Tokyo City purchased Oji Electric Railway.
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2011-09-09 Fri 13:07

Karasu-zumo is held at Kamigamo Shrine of Kyoto on September 9 as Choyo Shinji(the chrysanthemum festival)every year.
Chrysanthemum flowers are offered to pray for good health,
In this ritual, shrine priests imitate the voice of crows, and jump to the side kike crows.
Then, children perfom sumo wrestling matches.for the entertainment of the Kami.
It has been designated by the city of Kyoto as an "Intangible Cultural Property".
別窓 | 未分類 |
Ai-chan wa Taro no yome ni (1)
2011-09-09 Fri 00:00

Words by Hara Toshio,
Music by Murasawa Ryosuke,
Sung by Suzuki Mieko,
Released by Teichiku in 1956.

Sayonara , Sayonara!
Just today, I-chan become Taro's brides.
Though knowing my feelings for her,
Pushy O-yone walks away hand in hand with her,
And, I-chan become Taro's brides.
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Hikari Station(1)
2011-09-08 Thu 00:00

Hikari Station is a railway station on the JR West Sanyo Main Line located in Hikari City, Yamaguchi Prefecture.
The station was opened on February 1, 1941 as Nijigahama Station.
It was renamed "Hikari Station"on July 5, 1983.
On April 1, 1987, the station was transferred to JR West after the privatization of Japanese National Railways.
On April 2, 1994, monument art in the station square is completed.
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Kushigahama Station(1)
2011-09-07 Wed 00:00

Kushigahama Station is a railway station on the JR West Sanyo Main Line and the Gantoku Line located in the Tokuyama part of Shunan City ,Yamaguchi Prefecture.
The station was opened on February 11, 1928 by the Japanese National Railways.
On May 29, 1932, the Gantoku Line opened between this station and Suo-Hanaoka Station ,and this station became the transfer point between Sanyo Main Line and the Gantoku Line.
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Shanghay gaeri no Riru(1)
2011-09-06 Tue 00:00

Words by Tojo Jyusaburo.
Music by Tokuchi Masanobu
Sung by Tsumura Ken.

She was gazing entering ships at the port.
She was in a cabaret in Yokohama.
By the rumors of Rill carried by wind.
Oh Rill, Rill who had returned from Shanghay.
Hauling sweet and distress memories only in my heart,
I walk looking for Rill here and there.
Oh Rill, Rill.
Where is Rill?.
Does not anyone know Rill?
別窓 | 未分類 |
Kaze no Bon(2)
2011-09-05 Mon 00:00

The streets of Yatsuo , a small and quiet mountain town, are decorated with paper lanterns.
Young men and women covered their faces by low-brimmed straw hats and dance simultaneously to melancholic music created by the kokyu.
Male dancers dressed in Happi coats and female ones wear yukata.
They dance from sloped street to street in the town at night.
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Tsukiyo no fue(1)
2011-09-04 Sun 00:00

Words by Yokoi Hiroshi,
Music by Yoshidaya Kenji,
Sung by Tsumura Ken,

A festival is held in a village,
Surrounding mountains are in the moonlight night,
I blow proudly my flute.
When I blow the flute on a high tower,
Its sound reaches as much as several miles.
Ei-e ei-e te.
It finally became a wind.
別窓 | 未分類 |
Kaze no Bon(1)
2011-09-03 Sat 00:00

Kaze no Bon(Bon Dance of the Wind) is a Japanese Bon dance festival held every year in Yatsuo Town, Toyama Prefecture, Japan.
It is held from September 1 to 3.
This festival has a 300-year-long history.
The original festival was held in order to appease typhoons.
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