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Shironishi Station
2011-06-03 Fri 00:00

Shironishi Station is a train station on the JR Central Iida Line located in Sakuma-cho ,Tenryu District, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.
The station was opened on Nov. 11, 1955 as a station on Japan National Railway when the Iida line between Sakuma and Ozore Stations was rerouted.
The new route was established to avoid the rising waters of the Sakuma Dam.
The station has a single elevated side platform with one track for bi-directional traffic, and a small station building on the ground.
The station formerly had a single island platform with three tracks including one derail but was rebuilt to the present layout on Jan.27, 2008.
It is an unattended station, being 70.5km from the terminus at Toyohashi Station.
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