We must protect the senile elderly people from unscrupulous business operators by using the adult guardianship system.

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Mother's Day
2010-05-09 Sun 12:56
Mother's Day in Japan is celebrated on the second Sunday of May.
People give flowers such as red carnations and roses as gifts to their mothers.
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2010-05-09 Sun 00:00
Hounzenji is a temple of Zen Buddhism's Obaku sect, located in Mihara Ward, Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture .
It was founded in 1672 by Egoku Domyo, one of the three great Obaku monks in its history.
According to the records of this temple, it was originally founded by the famous monk Kukai as a big temple of Shingon sect, named Choanji.
The Choanji was washed away by the flooding of Nishiyoke River in the Genna era.
Hounzenji consists of Otono (main hall), Kaisando, Tennoden, Yosenden(the chief priest's residence), Sanmon gate,and bell tower,
The Otono houses 3,333 statues of the Buddha.
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