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2010-05-02 Sun 00:00
Myokokuji is a Buddhist temple located in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture.
Temple was founded in 1562 by the monk Nikko,.
It was famous as the site where 11 Tosa samurai committed ritual suicide following the Sakai Incident in 1868.
The Sakai incident was the killing of 11 French sailors from the French corvette Dupleix by Tosa samurai in the port of Sakai on March 8, 1868.
The Tosa samurai were arrested, and were sentenced to death by seppuku at this temple.
The temple was also famous for the giant cycad trees on the temple's grounds
Legend tells us that the trees were once transplanted to the Azuchi Castle in accordance with the wishes of Oda Nobunaga.
However, the trees were returned to Sakai because they cried nightly of their desire to return.
The trees have been designated as a Natural Monument by the government.
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