We must protect the senile elderly people from unscrupulous business operators by using the adult guardianship system.

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DPJ wins Japan's lower house election
2009-08-31 Mon 13:45

The Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) won Sunday's general election.
The DPJ secured 308 seats in the powerful 480-seat House of Representatives.
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Hato-no-Mori Hachiman Jinja
2009-08-31 Mon 00:00


The Hato-no-Mori Hachiman Jinja is a Shinto shrine located in Sendagaya,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo.
The Shrine has a stage for Noh plays and a miniature representation of Mt. Fuji(Fujizuka)that is the oldest Fujizuka in Tokyo.
There is a Rokkakudo Temple erected in January, 1986 by Japanese Shogi Federation, and a huge piece of shogi is worshiped inside.
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Onoda Line
2009-08-30 Sun 00:00
The Onoda Line (Onoda-sen) is a railway line operated by West Japan Railway Company(JR West) between Ube and San'yo-Onoda.
All stations are within Yamaguchi Prefecture.
There are 10 stations including terminals.
The line has a branch line named Motoyama between Suzumeda Station and Nagato-Motoyama Station.
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Mount Kita
2009-08-29 Sat 00:00

Mount Kita (Kita-dake) ,3,193m in hight, is the second tallest mountain in Japan, after Mount Fuji.
It is located in the city of Minami-Alps, Yamanashi Prefecture.
It is one of the 100 Famous Japanese Mountains.
Mount Kita is part of the Akaishi Mountains, which are also known as the Southern Alps, and is called "Shiranesanzan" along with Mount Aino and Mount Notori.
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Mugi Line
2009-08-28 Fri 00:00
The Mugi Line (Mugi-sen) is a Japanese railway line operated by Shikoku Railway Company (JR Shikoku).
It connects Tokushima Station with Kaifu Station in Kaiyo-cho within Tokushima Prefecture.
From Kaifu station, Asatoh line runs to Kannoura Station in Toyo-cho.
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Dai-Chochin Matsuri(2)
2009-08-27 Thu 00:00
The festival stared at 7:15 p.m. after sunset, when1-meter tall candles are lit inside the paper lanterns.
The skillful pictorial map describing the scene of a famous Japanese myth and a emerged in the precincts of the shrine , creating a world of fantasy.
A legend dating back about 450 years told us the origin of this festival.
At that time, a fire usually ignited(kagar-ibi) was lit at Suwa Shrine in order to drive away sea demons.
They emerged from the sea in the night, bringing serious harm upon the inhabitants of this area.
Since then, it became the custom to ignite kagari-bi as a Shinto ritual at the festival.
These kagari-bi were replaced by paper lanterns(chochin) in the Edo period.
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Dai-Chochin Matsuri(1)
2009-08-26 Wed 00:00

Dai-Chochin Matsuri(Giant Lantern Festival) will be held in Suwa Shrine on August 26th and 27th.
The Suwa Shrine is located in Isshiki-cho Oaza, Hazu-gun, Aichi Prefecture.
The 12 sets of huge brightly-colored paper lanterns are located in a line and are hoisted up very slowly(Dai-Chochin Tsuriage).
The lanterns measure over 5 meters in diameter and 10 meters in length.
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Kami-Shirataki Station
2009-08-25 Tue 00:00
The Kami-Shirataki-eki is a train station located in Engaru Town, Monbetsu District, Hokkaido Prefecture.
It is on the Sekihoku Main Line between Shin-Asahikawa in Asahikawa City and Abashiri Station in Abashiri City, operated by Hokkaido Railway Company(JR Hokkaido ).
Trains stop at this station only twice (1 lap) a day.
It is considered to be one of so-called hikyo stations(secluded stations).
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Gono Line
2009-08-24 Mon 00:00
The Gono Line (Gono-sen) is a railway line operated by East Japan Railway Company(JR East).
The line connects Higashi-Noshiro Station in Akita Prefecture and Kawabe Station in Aomori Prefecture.
It was first opened in 1908 between Noshiro (present day Higashi Noshiro) and Noshiro City(present day Noshiro)as a branch line of the government railway's Ou main line.
All trains stop at all stations except Resort Shirakami that is a Joyful Train linking Aomori with Akita.
The Line length is 147.2 Km.
It has 43 stations including terminals.
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Sento Memorial Service
2009-08-23 Sun 00:00
People visit Adashino Nenbutsu-ji Temple located in Adashino-cho Toriimoto Saga ,Ukyo-ku,Kyoto-shi and lit thousands of lanterns around about 8,000 stone monuments and statues on August 23 (Sun) and 24 (Mon) .
Adashino is an ancient grave yard since the Heian period for long time.
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Furano Line
2009-08-22 Sat 00:00
The Furano Line (Furano-sen) is a railway line operated by the Hokkaido Railway Company, often known as JR Hokkaido.
Running parallel to Rt.273,it connects Furano Station and Asahikawa Station.
Its length is 54.8 km.
There are 18 stations including terminals on this line.
From June to August the Norokko Go connects Furano to Biei/ Asahikawa 3 times a day and stops at “Lavender Fields Station ( Lavender Batake Eki) which opens temporally during summer.
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Tsubaki onsen
2009-08-21 Fri 00:00
Tsubaki Hot Spring is approximately 10 kilometers south of Shirahama.
The origin of this hot spring comes from the legendary story that long time ago , a monk from Fumonji-temple built a small bathtub after finding an egret nursing its wound here.
He named the bath Sagi-no-yu or hot spring for an egret.
Later, it was renamed Tsubaki Hot Spring(Tsubaki Onsen) because of many camellia trees in the area.
About 10 traditional Japanese-style inns (ryokans)
are located along the national highway Rout 42.
As a characteristic building, two resort condominiums stand in the place overlooking the sea.
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Yoi Kobo
2009-08-20 Thu 00:00

Manto-e ,commonly known as Yoi Kobo, will be held at Daikaku-ji Temple, Osawa Pond on August 20 (Thu) .
Lantern lit and bon fire will be held.
Daikaku-ji Temple is the main temple of the Shingon sect Daikakuji School..
It is located in Osawa-cho Saga ,Ukyo-ku,Kyoto.
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Mount Kaikoma
2009-08-19 Wed 00:00

The Mount Kaikoma (Kaikoma-ga-take) is a mountain located in Yamanashi Prefecture and Nagano Prefecture.
It is 2,967 m tall and is one of 100 Famous Japanese Mountains.
Mount Kaikoma faces Mount Kisokoma across the Ina valley.
別窓 | 未分類 |
Mount Kisokoma
2009-08-18 Tue 00:00
Mount Kisokoma (Kisokoma-ga-take), the tallest peak in the Kiso Mountains, is a mountain located in Nagano Prefecture.
It is 2,956 m tall and is one of the100 Famous Japanese Mountains .
Hikers can easily reach the the Senjojiki Kar located 2,650 m from the base of the mountain using the Kisokomagatake Ropeway.
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2009-08-17 Mon 00:00

The Obon festivities are celebrated over a few day period in August all over Japan.
Most people return to their hometowns where they pray in front of the graves of their ancestors.
People in Nagasaki honored their dead families from the 12th to the 16th.
On the day of Shoronagashi, people carry hand-made floats adorned with lanterns from their homes to the port.
Bakuchiku (firecrackers) are lit on the streets.
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Daimonji Gozan Okuribi
2009-08-16 Sun 00:00
The Daimonji Gozan Okuribi will be held on August 16 (Sun) in Kyoto.
People put fire in shapes of Buddhist symbols on the hillside of five mountains such as Daimonji (Higashiyama Nyoigadake: 20:00), Myo and Ho (Myo on the Matsugasaki Nishiyama, Ho on the Matsugasaki Higashiyama: 20:10), Funagata (Nishigamo Funayama: 20:15), Hidari Daimonji (Okitayama: 20:15) and Toriigata (Saga Toriimoto Mandara yama: 20:20).
The fire will last for about 30 min and people send off the spirit of the ancestors to Buddhist Pure Land.
別窓 | 未分類 |
Awa Odori Dance Festival
2009-08-15 Sat 00:00
The Awa Odori Dance Festival is held from 12 through 15 August in Tokushima-city, Tokushima Prefecture.
Tokushima used to be called Awa and so this unique folk dance was named Awa odori.
A group of dancers and musicians known as ren accompanied by shamisen, taiko, shinobue and kane dance through the streets.
Performers wear traditional dance costumes.
They are singing and chanting as parading.
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Manto-E in Sanzen-in Temple
2009-08-14 Fri 00:00
The Sanzenin Temple is a Tendai-sect temple located in Raigoin-cho, Ohara, Sakyo-ku,Kyoto-Shi.
Manto-E will be held on August 14 (Fri) and 15 (Sat).
Thousands of candles will be lit .
From 18:00 to 21:00, a ceremony to pray for world peace will be held in the main hall.
別窓 | 未分類 |
Fukuoka Airport
2009-08-13 Thu 00:00
Fukuoka Airport is an international and domestic airport located in Fukuoka City, Japan.
This airport is the fourth busiest passenger airport in Japan.
It is operating at full capacity, using only one runway 2,800 m in lengths.
It is connected to the center of the city by subway.
It takes less than ten minutes from the airport to the business district by subway.
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Rokudo Mairi
2009-08-12 Wed 00:00

People visit Senbon Shaka-do Temple to welcome the spirit of deceased family from August 8 (Sat) to 12 (Wed).
Then, people send them back the Buddhist pure land(Gokuraku) on 16th.
Senbon Shaka-do is a temple of the Shingon sect Chizan School and is located in Imadegawa Shichihonmatsu-agaru, Kamigyo-ku,Kyoto-shi.
別窓 | 未分類 |
2009-08-11 Tue 00:00
Toribeno is an old burrial ground near Mt. Amidagamine in Kyoto.
In olden times, dead bodies were not buried and exposed here to the birds until Buddhist priest Kukai taught the local farmers to burry the dead in the ground and pray for them in 811.
Kukai founded Gochisan Nyoraiji temple here.
別窓 | 未分類 |
Hokongoin templ
2009-08-10 Mon 00:00
The Hokongoin templ is a Ritsu sect temple located in Ogino-cho Hanazono, Ukyo-ku,Kyoto-shi.
The temple was dated back in the early Heian period.
It was said to have been founded by Emperor Montoku in 858.
The main statue of the deity of this temple is the seated Amida Buddha in the style of the great Buddhist sculptor of the eleventh century ,Jocho.
It is designed as the Important Cultural Property by the government.
The temple is also famous for its lotus(Hasu) blossoms in summer.
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Urabon Manto Kuyo
2009-08-09 Sun 00:00
The Urabon Manto Kuyo Memorial Ceremony will be held at Mibu-dera Temple ,located in Bojo-dori ,Bukkoji-agaru ,Nakagyo-ku,Kyoto-shi, from August 9 (Sun) to 16 (Sun).
Visitors welcome the spirit of the ancestors on 9th and 10 th ,while about 1,200 lanterns and candles are lit from sunset to 22:00.
People send them back the Buddhist pure land on 16th.
別窓 | 未分類 |
Aomori Nebuta Matsuri
2009-08-08 Sat 00:00
The Aomori Nebuta Matsuri is a Japanese very famous summer festival that takes place in Aomori City, Aomori Prefecture, Japan held in early August every year.
The Nebuta floats are made of wood , covered with Japanese paper and hundreds of light bulbs are lighted inside the Nebuta floats.
The colorful floats of the brave warrior-figures are pulled through the streets accompanied by people in dancing with the sounds of the Nebuta drums and bamboo flutes.
These Nebuta dancers are called “Haneto”.

別窓 | 未分類 |
2009-08-07 Fri 00:00

Sendai City of Miyagi Prefecture celebrates Tanabata a month later, on August 7, because this day is closer to the seventh day of the seventh month on the traditional lunar calendar.
Sendai is famous for its Tanabata displays.
Shopping arcades in this city features huge decorations.
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Kanto Festival
2009-08-06 Thu 00:00
The Kanto Festival held annually from August 5 to 7 in Akita City, Akita Prefecture, Japan.
The festival is one of Tohoku’s top three festivals together with Aomori's Nebuta and Sendai's Tanabata.
A Kanto is an array of many candle-lit lanterns hung on a bamboo frame.
It is said each Kanto looks like a glowing ear of rice.
The Kanto Festival originates from the rites requesting good harvests, dating back to the middle of the 18th century.
別窓 | 未分類 |
Mt. Daigo Manto Kuyo Memorial Ceremony
2009-08-05 Wed 00:00

Daigo-ji is a Shingon sect temple of the Daigo school located in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, Japan.
This temple was founded in 874 by Rigen-daishi.
The five-story pagoda at Daigoji temple ,which is a National treasure of Japan, was built in 951.
The temple is part of the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto World Heritage Site.
On August 5, Mt. Daigo Manto Kuyo Memorial Ceremony will be held at this temple.
From sunset to 21:00, a number of lanterns along the temple approach will be lit and Temple’s Kon-do Hall and five-story pagoda are lit up too.
別窓 | 未分類 |
Rokudochinnoji Temple(2)
2009-08-04 Tue 00:00

The well behind the Main Hall of this temple was believed to have been used by Ono-no-Takamura who was a scholar and poet in the early Heian period .
Takamura was said to have commuted between this world and the other world though this well.
Every night he would climb down the well to hell and help the Enma -Daio,the judge of the dead, in his judgements.
別窓 | 未分類 |
Rokudochinnoji Temple(1)
2009-08-03 Mon 00:00
Rokudochinnoji Temple is a Rinzai-sect temple of the Kenninji school founded in 836 by Yamashiro-no-Afumi.
It is also known as Rokudo-san.
The Temple is located in Matsubara-dori ,North side of Higashioji nishi-iru ,Higashiyama-ku,Kyoto-Shi.
The area is called 'Rokudo-no-tsuji' near the foot Mt.Toribeyama where an old burial place was located.
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