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Kamikura Jinja
2009-06-03 Wed 00:00

Kamikura Jinja is a Shinto shrine located on the mountainside of Mt. Kamikura, Shinguu City, Wakayama Prefecture.
This shrine is a branch shrine of the Kumano-Hayatama Grand Shirine.
It is considered to be the place of the advent of Kumano Sansho Okami who are .the enshrined deities of Kumano-Sanzan.
The shrine is on the cliff at a height of 100 m above sea level.
Gotobiki-iwa Rock stands behind the building of front shrine.
The rock shaped a huge frog is the symbol of the God,
At this shrine , Oto Festival is held on Feb.6 every year.
It is famous as a fire festival.
Men and boys dressed in a white costume run down a sudden stone stairway holding flaming torches.
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