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2009-03-30 Mon 00:00
Zuishinin is a Buddhism temple of Shingon sect located in Onogoryo-cho ,Yamashina-ku,Kyoto-shi, Japan.
The temple was founded in 991 by Ningai and is famous to be connected to Ono no Komachi.
Ono no Komachi was a famous Japanese waka poet in early Heian period.
She was noted as a rare beauty and so is a symbol of a beautiful woman in Japan.
This temple is also famous for its plum garden and it is open to the pubic at this time of year.
On March 30, the annual spring event "Hanezu Odori" was held at this temple
Twenty-one children appear dressed in kimono with obi, "Amigasa" woven hats, and plum blossom branches.
They perform a lovely dance along with a traditional children's song singing.
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