We must protect the senile elderly people from unscrupulous business operators by using the adult guardianship system.

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China detains 95 people after riot
2009-03-22 Sun 21:13
More than 100 people attack police station in western China after a man who was in custody for advocating Tibetan independence went missing, state media reports Sunday.
95 people, most reportedly monks, detained by police.
Xinhua said six people had been arrested and 89 more had surrendered to police.
All but two of the 95 people held were monks from the La'gyab Monastery.
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Awashima Jinja(1)
2009-03-22 Sun 00:00
Awashima Jinja is a Shinto Shrine located in Kada ,Wakayama City, Wakayam Prefecture, Japan.
The Awashima Jinja is said to date back to the 3rd century when .the legendary empress Jingu came from a military expedition to Korea,
Her ship encountered a storm and was nearly sunk in Setonaikai.
During the storm, she had prayed to the Kami to save her ship.
The Kami granted her wish.
Following an oracle of the Kami, she threw a rush mat called a toma into the sea and her ship followed the current that the mat was floating down.
At last, the snip arrived safely to an island called Tomogashima.
She found there a shrine dedicated to Sukunahikona-no-Mikoto and Ohonamuji-no-Mikoto.
She donated the treasures she was carrying on board her ship from Korea to the shrine.
Several years later , Emperor Nintoku who is Empress Jingu's grandchild heard the fact when he comes for hunting to Tomogashima.
He thought that the shrine would probably be inconvenient on
the island and so he moved the shrine to Kada on the opposite shore.
According to the document of the shrine,this is the origin of Awashima Jinja.
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