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Daibutsu of Todai-ji.(1)
2009-03-12 Thu 00:00
In 741,Emperor Shomu issued an imperial edict that the people should become directly involved with the establishment of new Buddha temples throughout Japan
The temples are called Kokubun-ji(for monks) or Kokubuni-ji(for nuns).
Emperor Shomu was the 45th Emperor of Japan.
Shomu is best remembered for commissioning the statue of the Vairocana Buddha in Todai-ji of Nara.
When Emperor Shomu declared his edict to construct the great statue of Vairochana Buddha in October 743 in his capital Shigaraki no miya,he chose Shigaraki as the temple of all the state temples location.
But Shigaraki no miya suffered fire several times and so he moved the
capital to Heijo-kyo in 710.
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