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Doll Festival
2009-03-03 Tue 00:00
The Doll Festival is held on March 3 in Japan.
A set of hina-ningyo, or ornamental dolls, are displayed on the platforms with a red hi-mosen.
The dolls represent the Emperor and Empress, three court ladies , five male musicians ,two ministers and three samurai in traditional court dress of the Heian period.
This festival is a traditional event dating back to the Heian Period (from 794 to 1185),
The Doll Festival is a day for families to celebrate their girls and wish them health and happiness.

Today, people dress in the Heian period costume and arrange themselves just like on the Hina Ningyo doll set at Ichihime-jinja Shrine in Kyoto.
A dance performance is to be held there.

People float small hina dolls made of straw a stream in the precinct of Shimogamo-jinja Shrine to pray for their children to grow up healthily.
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