We must protect the senile elderly people from unscrupulous business operators by using the adult guardianship system.

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22 killed in Ukraine building blast
2008-12-26 Fri 06:51
The death toll from a powerful explosion in a south Ukrainian apartment block has risen to 22, with 15 others still missing, media reports said Thursday.
Two entrances to the five-storey building in Yevpatoria were blocked by falling concrete following the blast.
The cause is unknown, although officials say that gas cylinders may be to blame.
Yevpatoria is a city in Crimea, Ukraine.
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Izumo no Okuni(2)
2008-12-26 Fri 00:00
Okuni was known for her skill in dancing and acting, as well as her beauty.
During her performances in the dry riverbeds of Kyoto , she also became known for her nembutsu dance, in honor of the Amida Buddha.
The history of Kabuki began when Okuni began performing a new style of dance drama on the stage at Kitano Tenmangu in 1603..
Female performers played both men and women.
The style was instantly popular.
Okuni was even asked to perform before the Imperial Court.
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