We must protect the senile elderly people from unscrupulous business operators by using the adult guardianship system.

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China to allow freer yuan trades
2008-12-25 Thu 18:57
China has said it is to allow some trade with its neighbours to be settled with its currency, the yuan.
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China gas leak killed 17
2008-12-25 Thu 04:52
A gas leak at a steel plant in the Chinese city of Zunhua, about 150km east of the capital, has killed 17 people, while more than 20 others have also been seriously injured by the incident. state media said.
Zunhua is a county-level city of Tangshan, Hebei.
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Lake Tazawa
2008-12-25 Thu 00:00
Lake Tazawa is aclassic caldera lake surrounded by the wide crest of a crater in Akita Prefecture,Japan.
It is the deepest lake in Japan (423.4m).
The bronze stature of the legendary Princess Tatsuko, standing on the shore, is a symbol of the lake.
Several hot springs resorts can be found in the hills above the lake, including Nyuto Spas.
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