We must protect the senile elderly people from unscrupulous business operators by using the adult guardianship system.

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US rates to nearly zero
2008-12-17 Wed 08:44
The US Federal Reserve slashes its key interest rate from 1% to a range of zero to 0.25%.
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Explosives found in Paris store
2008-12-17 Wed 00:19
French police say that five sticks of explosives have been found in a top Paris department store though they reportedly had no timer.
The Printemps Haussmann store was evacuated and cordoned off.
It is one of the city's largest department stores,
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Heian Jingu
2008-12-17 Wed 00:00

The Heian Jingu is a Shinto shrine located in Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Japan.
The Heian Jingu was built in 1895 for the 1,100th anniversary of the establishment of Heiankyo (the present Kyoto) by Emperor Kanmu..
The shrine is dedicated to Emperor Kanmu and Emperor Komei.
The latter was the last Emperor of Heiankyo.
The main buildingis of this shrine are designed to imitate the Kyoto Imperial Palace on a three-fourth scale.
The 24,2 m high torii ,painted vermilion, is one of the largest in Japan,
The Garden of Heian Jingu is called Shin'en
The Shin'en consists of four parts which surround the main shrine buildings on the south, west, middle, and east.
This Japanese strolling garden with an area of about 33,000 square meters is designated as a national scenic spot.
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