We must protect the senile elderly people from unscrupulous business operators by using the adult guardianship system.

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NATO supply trucks torched after second supply attack in Peshawar
2008-12-08 Mon 20:34
Suspected Taliban militants have attacked another terminal holding Nato-bound equipment, the second such attack in two days in the Pakistani city of Peshawar.
The attackers struck the NATO terminal on the outskirts of the city, torching more than 60 trucks carrying supplies for troops in Afghanistan.
The road from Peshawar to Afghanistan is a major supply route for US and Western forces battling the Taleban.
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Riots break out in Greece
2008-12-08 Mon 10:05
Riots broke out in Greece Sunday after a teenager was allegedly killed by police.
Thousands of protesters have attacked banks and shops in Athens and Greece's northern city of Thessaloniki.
Two officers have been under arrest.
Thessaloniki is the second-largest city in Greece and the capital of Macedonia.
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Chiran, Kagoshima (1)
2008-12-08 Mon 00:00
Chiran was a town located in Kawanabe District, Kagoshima, Japan.
On December 1, 2007, the town dissolved after merging with neighboring municipalities, Ei-cho and Kawanabe –Cho, to form Minamikyushu-shi.
The samurai houses and those gardens remain in this town and so the town is now called "Small Kyoto of Satsuma".
Seven gardens  , which consist of hill-and-pond style gardens, are designated as places of scenic beauty by the national government.
Sata Shimazu clan that is Shimazu clan’s branch ruled this town at the Edo period.
The samurai houses which served as defense from foreign enemy ,and as the upper samurai's dwellings were mainly built under the rule of the Shimazu Hisamine at Kyoho era.
Chiran is famous also as a producing district of tea.
Chiran tea has won numerous top prizes at various tea fairs.
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