We must protect the senile elderly people from unscrupulous business operators by using the adult guardianship system.

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0 Series Shinkansen
2008-11-30 Sun 19:51
The 0 Series Shinkansen were the first trainsets built to run on Japan's new high speed rail network in 1964.
All of the remaining Series 0 Series Shinkansen train sets were withdrawn from Kodama service after their runs on November 30, 2008.
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Kusunoki Masashige(1)
2008-11-30 Sun 00:00
Kusunoki Masashige was a 14th century samurai of Kawachi (present Osaka prefacture) who fought for Emperor Go-Daigo.
He had attempted to wrest the rulership of Japan away from the Kamakura shogunate to the Emperor.
He is remembered as the ideal of samurai loyalty in Japanese history,.
He fought with Ashikaga Takauji's army and killed himself at Minatogawa(present Kobe-shi)in 1336.
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China's home-made jet flies
2008-11-29 Sat 12:51
China successfully flight tested its first home-grown commercial airliner ,the ARJ-21.
The aircraft did not rise above 900 metres in altitude due to safety reasons.
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Thai police ordered protesters to leave
2008-11-29 Sat 07:06

Thai police have ordered protesters occupying Bangkok's Don Mueang airport, to leave.
The protesters have said they will not leave unless the PM resigns
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Thai PM fired chief of police
2008-11-29 Sat 02:34

Thailand's Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat has fired the chief of the national police force, officials say.
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2008-11-29 Sat 00:00
Chikuwa is a Japanese tube-like food.
It is made from ingredients like fish surimi, salt, sugar, starch, and egg white.
After mixing them well, they are wrapped around a bamboo stick and steamed.
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Japan ends airlift mission in Iraq
2008-11-28 Fri 15:21
The government has formally decided to end the Air Self-Defense Force's airlift mission in Iraq and withdraw its personnel by the end of the year.
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Indian markets shut
2008-11-28 Fri 15:11
Financial markets in India have been closed after the attacks in Mumbai.
It is unclear when trading in Indian markets will resume.
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Indian security forces storm Jewish centre
2008-11-28 Fri 14:57

Indian commandos are storming a Jewish centre in Mumbai, where gunmen are holding a number of people hostage.
Security forces are still clearing gunmen from one of two luxury hotels, after Wednesday's attacks that killed more than 130 people and injured 300.
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2008-11-28 Fri 00:00
Tsukudani is the simmered dishes of the marine products including fish, shellfish, seaweed, squids and shrimps.
Tsukudani is boiled down in soy sauce with sugar and mirin.
It is considered that Tsukudani was first made at Tsukudajima of Edo in the Edo period.
As for Tsukudani, it is beginning that the fisherman used small fishes as preserved food for private use.
Many kinds of tsukudani are sold but tukudani can be made at home easily by using seasonal vegetables or left over seaweed.
And so tsukudani has been favored as a storable side dish in Japanese home.
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A state of emergency at Thai airports
2008-11-27 Thu 22:35

Thailand's government will declare a state of emergency at Bangkok's two main airports, which have been taken over by protesters.
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Thai protests close second airport
2008-11-27 Thu 20:44
Anti-government protesters in Thailand have forced the closure of the second airport in Bangkok, Don Mueang.
The opposition supporters blocked the terminal, in an attempt to stop officials flying to meet PM Somchai Wongsawat.
Mr Somchai is in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, because he was unable to land in Bangkok after a trip to Peru.
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Deadly attacks in India
2008-11-27 Thu 09:04
Gunmen have attacked across the Indian city of Mumbai , killing at least 80 people and injuring 200 more.
At least seven high-profile locations were hit in India's financial capital, including two luxury hotels.
A Japanese man, Hisashi Tsuda, was killed in Wednesday's coordinated shooting attacks in Mumbai, India, while another Japanese was injured.
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2008-11-27 Thu 00:00
Momijigari is the Japanese tradition of going to visit scenic areas where leaves have turned red or yellow in the autumn.
Many Japanese people take part in this in the autumn..
The tradition is said to have originated in the Heian era.
The cities of Nikkō and Kyoto are famous destinations.
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Indian navy sank Thai trawler
2008-11-26 Wed 19:40

The owner of a Thai fishing trawler has said the Indian navy sank it off Somalia's coast last week.
The Indian navy has insisted the vessel fired in self-defence at a pirate ship.
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China's economic growth to slow
2008-11-26 Wed 04:10

China's economy is expected to grow by 7.5% in 2009, according to the World Bank.
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2008-11-26 Wed 00:00

Rokuon-ji is a temple of the Rinzai sect Shokoku-ji group,located in Kita-ku, Kyoto-shi,Japan.
The temple’s name is connected with Ashikaga Yoshimitsu 's Buddhist name(Rokuon-in).
The temple is commonly called Kinkaku-ji.
. It was originally built in 1397 to serve as a retirement villa for Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu,
Ashikaga Yoshimitsu was the 3rd shogun of the Ashikaga shogunate.
It is Kinkaku to makes this temple very famous.
The Kinkaku is a three-story golden pavilion on the grounds of the Rokuon-ji.
The top two stories of the pavilion are covered with pure gold leaf.
There is a pond, called Kyoko-chi, in front of the pavilion..
The Golden Pavilion and the pond are set in a Japanese strolling garden.
In 1950, the pavilion was burned down by a monk.
The present pavilion was rebuilt in 1955.
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Flooding in the southern Brazilian leave 45 dead
2008-11-25 Tue 18:21
Flooding in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina has left at least 45 dead, with more than 22,000 forced from their homes.
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16-year-old Shogi Queen
2008-11-25 Tue 15:41
Kana Satomi, a 16-year-old professional shogi player and also a high school student,on Sunday won the 16th Kurashiki Toka title for female players.
Satoml defeated the previous holder, Ichiyo Shimizu.
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2008-11-25 Tue 00:00
Kappamaki is a kind of Hosomaki filled with cucumber.
It is named after the Japanese legendary creature called the kappa.
The kappa is believed to be fond of cucumbers.
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Arrest over Japan ministry murder
2008-11-24 Mon 20:40
Japanese police are holding a man on weapons charges, after he turned himself in and confessed to killing an ex-health official and his wife.
Police said the man had blood-stained knives in his car.
The Metropolitan Police Department on Monday sent Takeshi Koizumi, who claims to have killed a former top bureaucrat, to prosecutors over a weapons offense.
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2008-11-24 Mon 00:00
The Hyuga is a type of helicopter carrier , but officially called helicopter destroyers for constitutional reasons ,being built for the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.
Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution prohibits an act of war by the state and also states that the state formally renounce war as a sovereign right and bans settlement of international disputes through the use of force and armed forces with war potential will not be maintained to accomplish these aims.
The Hyuga is planned to replace the 7,000-ton Haruna-class destroyers currently in use. .
Construction of the Hyuga was started in 2006 and was launched on 23 August 2007.
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Takamatsuzuka –Kofun(Tomb)  1
2008-11-23 Sun 00:00
The Takamatsuzuka –Kofun(Tomb) is an ancient tomb located in Asuka village, Nara prefecture, Japan.
Asuka Village lies about 12 miles south of Nara.
The tomb was accidentally discovered by a local farmer in 1970.
It is believed to have been built between 694 and 710(Fujiwara-kyo era).
The mound of the tomb of circular shape is about 16 meters in diameter and 5 meters in height.
As a result of digging, a burial chamber was discovered inside the mound..
The walls of the burial chamber are decorated with the beautiful pictures.
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2008-11-22 Sat 00:00
The Miyako-Odori is performed by the maiko and geiko of Gion Kobu in the Gion Kobu Kaburen-jo theater near the Yasaka-Jinjya in April every year.
The first performance in 1872 was promoted as part of the Exhibition for the Promotion of Domestic Industry held in Kyoto.
The Exhibition was held for the purpose of promotion of the prosperity in Kyoto.
As the capital moved to Tokyo in 1869, Kyoto was declining in those day.
This annual event has won reputation very much and is now one of the main events in Kyoto.
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2008-11-21 Fri 00:00
Tekkamaki is a kind of Hosomaki .
Hosomaki is a small cylindrical norimaki.
Tekkamaki is filled with raw tuna, topped with wasabi.
The name "Tekka"is originated as a quick snack to eat in gambling dens called "Tekkaba".
It is much like the sandwich.
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Indian warship sank a pirate ship
2008-11-20 Thu 16:50
On Tuesday, an Indian warship sank a suspected pirate "mother ship" after it came under attack in the Gulf of Aden.
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Clashes at China
2008-11-20 Thu 13:41
Demonstrators in Gansu province have attacked government buildings in protest at a plan to demolish homes, Xinhua reported.
Thousands of people angry at having to relocate to make way for government developments used chains and axes to attack police.
Gansu is a province located in the northwest of the People's Republic of China.
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2008-11-20 Thu 01:43
Kakunodate is an old town in Akita Prefecture.
It was a castle town founded by the local lord Ashina Yoshikatsu in 1620.
The town is called “Small Kyoto of Tohoku”.
It preserves 350-year-old samurai houses.
The House of Aoyagi is one of them, which is a well- cared –for samurai house.
Its gate, built in 1860,is designated as an Important Cultural Property.
A 280-year-old weeping cherry tree is in the garden.
In the house, the old samurai arms transmitted from generation to generation, the works of art and the treasured articles are exhibited.
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2008-11-20 Thu 00:00
Nizakana is a fish boiled in dashi made of soy sauce and mirin.
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Izumo no Okuni(1)
2008-11-19 Wed 00:00
Izumo no Okuni was said to be the main founder of kabuki theater.
Kabuki is a form of traditional Japanese theatre.
She began performing a new style of dance drama in the dry riverbeds of Kamo River. in Kyoto.
She was believed to be a miko at Izumo-taisha, the Grand Shrine of Izumo, , where her father worked as a blacksmith.
Miko is a Japanese shrine maiden .
She was sent to Kyoto to perform sacred dances and songs to solicit contributions for the shrine..
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