We must protect the senile elderly people from unscrupulous business operators by using the adult guardianship system.

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Bank of Japan cuts key interest rate
2008-10-31 Fri 16:12

The Bank of Japan cuts its main interest rate from 0.5% to 0.3%.
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At least 61 were killed in serial blasts in India..
2008-10-31 Fri 14:02
At least 61 people were killed and over 300 injured in serial blasts in India's northeast state Assam Thursday..
As many as 12 bombs went off in less than an hour in Assam's major city Guwahati
More than 300 people were injured, many of them are in a critical condition.
Many bombs were hidden in motorcycles or scooters.
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2008-10-31 Fri 00:00
Kasutera is a popular Japanese sponge cake.
It is made of sugar, flour, eggs, and starch syrup.
The cake is said to be brought by way of Portuguese merchants to Nagasaki in the 16th century .
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China cuts interest rates
2008-10-30 Thu 14:12
China's central bank has cut the country's interest rate by 0.27%.
The rate cut, which will come into effect on Thursday, will see rates fall from 6.93% to 6.66%.
China has cut interest rates for the third time in six weeks.
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US interest rates cut to 1%
2008-10-30 Thu 08:34
The Federal Reserve has cut its key interest rate from 1.5% to 1%, as it aims to avoid a possible US recession.
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Japan stock index jumps
2008-10-30 Thu 06:45

The benchmark Nikkei 225 stock index ended up 7.7 percent, or 589.98 points, at 8,211.90, retaking the psychologically key 8,000 plateau for the first time in a week Wednesday.
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Scores dead after SW Pakistan quakes
2008-10-30 Thu 03:06
More than 160 people were killed in two earthquakes near the city of Quetta, in south-west Pakistan.
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2008-10-30 Thu 00:00
Anmitsu is a type of Japanese desserts.
It is made of small cubes of agar jelly.
Anmitsu is served in a bowl or a cup with sweet azuki bean paste( anko), boiled peas, and often gyuhi.
Gyuhi is a softer variety of mochi.
A variety of fruits such as peach slices, mikan, pieces of pineapples, and cherries are attached to Anmitu..
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Nikkei 225 index up in early trade
2008-10-29 Wed 11:28

Japan's Nikkei 225 stock index has risen over 7 percent in early trade.
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New York closed higher
2008-10-29 Wed 10:44

The Dow Jones index in New York close up more than 10%.
The Dow closed ahead 889.35 points, or 10.88% at 9065.12.
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Iceland's interest rate up to 18%
2008-10-29 Wed 05:48
Iceland's central bank has raised its key interest rate to 18% from 12%.
The rise comes less than two weeks after Iceland cut rates from 15.5%.
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Fried egg
2008-10-29 Wed 00:00
A fried egg is an egg (usually that of a chicken) cooked by frying, typically in cooking oil, margarine or olive oil.
The fried eggs are usually cooked so that the yolk is not broken.
A sunny side up fried egg is called Medamayaki in Japan because of it’s appearance like an "eyeball."
Various seasonings, such as sauce, salt, pepper, and soy sauce, are used for seasoning.
Fried eggs with ham, sometimes with salad, is a popular reakfast item in Japan.
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Japan stocks rise
2008-10-28 Tue 17:29
Japan's Nikkei index opened down 2%, falling below the 7,000 mark for the first time in 26 years, but recovered by lunchtime, down 0.95%.
The Nikkei 225 index staged a late rally on Tuesday to close up 459.02 points at 7,621.92.
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2008-10-28 Tue 00:00
Umeboshi are pickled ume fruits.
Umeboshi is a type of tsukemono,Japanese pickles food.
They taste salty, and are extremely sour.
Okayu is often eaten with umeboshi.
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Asian shares tumbled again
2008-10-27 Mon 19:59
Japan's Nikkei 225 index fell 6.36% to its lowest close since October 1982.
The U.S. dollar at one point Monday traded at the 93-yen range, while the euro was trading at the 116-yen range.
On Monday in Tokyo, the dollar stood at 93.27 yen, down from 94.24 yen.

The Dow Jones was down 203 points to 8,175.77.
The broader S&P 500 closed down 3.18% at 844.95, and the tech-heavy Nasdaq was down 2.97% at 1505.90.
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Floods killed dozens in Yemen
2008-10-27 Mon 04:36
At least 48 people have been killed or are missing in Yemen by floods.
Damage is extensive because most homes in the area are made of mud brick.
The floodwaters are threatening the historic high-rise mud buildings of Shibam - a Unesco world heritage site.
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Traces found of long-lost temple hall
2008-10-27 Mon 02:39

The ancient temple removed the veil for the first time.
Shin-Yakushiji Temple is said to be established in 747 A.D.
According to old records, the temple was hit by thunder and fire .
The pavilions and halls were all lost to the resulting fire except the Main Hall.
Archaeologists uncovered evidence of what they believe is the long-lost original "golden hall" of Shin-Yakushiji temple.
Stones used for the foundations of the temple suggest the structure measured 54 by 27 meters.
Shin-Yakushiji is famous for Japanese bush clover.
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Izumo Taisha(1)
2008-10-27 Mon 00:00
Izumo Taisha is one of the most ancient of the Shinto shrines in Japan.
The shrine has no record to give the date of establishment.
It is located in Izumo-shi, Shimane Prefecture.
It is dedicated to Okuninushi-no-mikoto, who is famous as the shinto deity of marriage.
The main hall of Izumo Taisha and the attached buildings are National Treasures of Japan.
A style of architecture, Taisha-zukuri, takes its name from the main hall.
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Matsue Castle
2008-10-26 Sun 00:00
Matsue Castle is a Japanese castle in Matsue-shi in Shimane prefecture.
The castle is nicknamed the "plover castle".
It is one of the only 12 remaining medieval castles in Japan.
It was built by the feudal ruler of the Izumo region, Yoshiharu Horio
The construction began in 1607 and finished in 1611.
.The keep of Matsue Castle appears to be five stories from the outside, but has six levels inside.
Most of the walls of the castle are painted black and so the castle is also called the"black castle."
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Shirase to be scrapped
2008-10-25 Sat 20:39

The government decided Friday to scrap the icebreaker Shirase that has been involved in 25 Antarctic expeditions since 1983, finding no takers.
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Lake Shinji-ko
2008-10-25 Sat 00:00
Lake Shinji is a lake in the northeast area of the Shimane Prefecture.
. The lake is the seventh largest in Japan.
It is connected to the Sea of Japan via Nakaumi Lagoon.
As a result, it is made up of brackish water.
Many fish, such as whitebait, eel, and sea bass, live in the lake.
The most famous specialty of Lake Shinji-ko is the Shijimi clam (Corbicula japonica).
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US dollar falls to Yen in13-year low
2008-10-24 Fri 22:51

The U.S. dollar sank to its lowest level against the Japanese yen in 13 years Friday.
The dollar fell to as low as 90.89.
It is the lowest since August 1995.
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Yakumo (train)
2008-10-24 Fri 00:00
The Yakumo is a limited express train service in Japan operated by JR West .
The train runs from Okayama to Matsue and Izumoshi through Sanyo Main Line, Hakubi Line, and Sanin Main Line.
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Jidai Matsuri
2008-10-23 Thu 06:22

A procession of 2,000 people dressed as historical figures paraded through central Kyoto on Wednesday during the Jidai Matsuri.
The Jidai Matsuri is held annually in Kyoto, Japan on October 22.
It is the festival of the Heian Jingu, celebrating for the foundation of the Shrine
and is one of Kyoto's three great festivals.
It was first held in 1895.
The festival commemorates the transfer of the capital to Heiankyo (the city now known as Kyoto) in 794.
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2008-10-23 Thu 00:00
Kayu is watery, soft cooked rice 438557535_16acb3888c_m.jpg
with salt.
It is often served to sick people because it can be digested easily
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India launches first Moon mission successfully
2008-10-22 Wed 14:15
India has successfully launched the unmanned Chandrayaan 1 spacecraft -its first mission to the Moon.
The Chandrayaan 1 spacecraft blasted off smoothly from a launch pad in southern Andhra Pradesh.
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India begins counting down to launch of 1st moon mission
2008-10-22 Wed 03:18
India is counting down to the launch of its first mission to the Moon.
On Wednesday, the unmanned Chandrayaan 1 spacecraft will blast off from a launch pad in Andhra Pradesh.
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2008-10-22 Wed 00:00
Like Udon noodles ,Somen are very thin, white Japanese noodles made of wheat flour.
Somen are usually eaten cold with a light flavored dipping broth or tsuyu.
Somen served in hot soup is usually called nyumen served in the winter.
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Chinese-made regional jet launched for domestic commercial flight
2008-10-21 Tue 22:55
The Chinese-made regional jet, Modem Ark (MA) 60, was launched for the first domestic commercial flight in Tianjin on Oct. 19, 2008, Xinhua said.
MA 60 is designed for short and medium-range commuter services.
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China's economy growth rate slows
2008-10-21 Tue 00:52
Chinese economic growth rate has fallen for the third quarter in succession.
The National Bureau of Statistics said the economy had grown at a rate of 9% in the three months to September - down from 10.1% over the previous quarter.
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