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Tenjin Festival in Osaka
2008-07-25 Fri 23:44
Tenmangu or Tenjin-sha is a shinto shrine to worship Sugawara no Michizane as Tenjin.
The Osaka Temmangu was founded in AD 949 in Osaka.
The Tenjin Festival is held here annually.
A main festival is held on July 25.
The dedication fireworks to the shrine are set off.
Many ships decorated with the lights go back and forth in Okawa (old Yodogawa).
Tenjin Festival is also called the festival of fire and water by splendid figures, such as a bonfire, a paper lantern light, fireworks which are reflected in Okawa.
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No deaths at strong quake
2008-07-25 Fri 05:56
A clean-up operation is under way in northern Japan, after a magnitude 6.8 earthquake struck early on Thursday.
Most services have been restored.
More than 100 people suffered injuries, but no deaths have yet been reported.
Experts said the depth of the quake had prevented more serious casualties.
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Disguised Karadzic worked in Serb clinic
2008-07-25 Fri 00:00

Captured war crimes suspect Radovan Karadzic was living in Serbia's capital Belgrade and practising alternative medicine.
He was sporting a long white beard and calling himself Dragan Dabic, said Serbian minister Rasim Ljajic, Serb officials say..
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