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Daisen Kofun
2008-07-18 Fri 00:00
Daisen-Kofun is the biggest tomb in Japan in Sakai-shi, Osaka.
It is considered to be Emperor Nintoku’s tomb.
Emperor Nintoku was the 16th emperor of Japan.
But there is a paucity of information about him.
According to Nihonshoki, Nintoku who was the fourth son of Emperor Ōjin ruled from 313 till 399.
However, Nintoku is considered to have ruled the country during the late-4th century and early-5th century, modern research suggests.
The kofun have taken various shapes.
The most common type of kofun is a zempō-kōen-fun, which has a shape of a keyhole.
Daisen-Kofun belongs to this type .
Daisen Kofun is part of a large grouping of burial mounds known as the Mozu Kofun Group.
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