We must protect the senile elderly people from unscrupulous business operators by using the adult guardianship system.

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First sitting president sought for war crimes
2008-07-16 Wed 00:00

The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court decided to seek the arrest of President Omar al-Bashir of Sudan.
It will cause problems on the diplomatic front.
But the ICC is independent and is not concerned with diplomacy.
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Hankai Uemachi Line
2008-07-16 Wed 00:00
The Uemachi Line is a tramway line of the Hankai Tramway linking Sumiyoshikōen of Sumiyoshi-ku from Tennoji-eki-mae of Abeno-ku, Osaka-shi, , Japan.
An opening of the Uemachi Line is that Osaka Horse Rail Co. laid a railroad from Tennoji-nishimon-mae to Higashi-Tengachaya for the prayer visitor to Shitenno-ji Temple and Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrin in 1900.
Trams are now operated between Tennoji-eki-mae and Sumiyoshikoen or between Tennoji-eki-mae and Abikomichi on the Hankai Line.
Both systems are operated each every 12 minutes in the day.time.
There is the vehicle base in Abikomichi.
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