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Teaching handbook over Takeshima
2008-07-15 Tue 00:00
The government has begun discussions over how to refer to the Takeshima islets in a handbook on the new curriculum guidelines for middle school social studies.
Once a final decision over the description has been reached.
The Education, Science and Technology Ministry initially planned to describe the islets as inherent territory of Japan in the new manual.
But after a strong response from South Korea, some within the government argued Japan should give greater consideration to maintaining good bilateral relations.
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South Korea to recall Japan envoy
2008-07-15 Tue 00:00

South Korea says it is to recall its envoy to Japan in the latest flare-up of tensions over disputed islands(Dokdo in Korea and Takeshima in Japan).
The foreign ministry said Japan had reasserted its claim to the islands.
The fresh claim to Japanese ownership of the islands was reportedly made in a book for teachers.
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