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Semboku Rapid Railway
2008-07-13 Sun 00:00
Semboku Rapid Railway is the railroad route of Osaka Prefectural Urban Development which connects from Nakamozu station in Sakai-shi, Osaka Kita-ku to Izumi Chuo station in Izumi-shi, Osaka as a useful means of transportation of the residents of Senboku Newtown or Trois Vert Izumi.
By the exchange contract with Nankai Electric Railway, the train of the Semboku Rapid Railway arrives at the Namba Station of southern Osaka through the Koya line.
The Semboku Rapid Railway has six stations which are Nakamozu, Fukai, Izumigaoka, Toga-Mikita, Kōmyōike and Izumi-Chūō.
At Nakamozu station, we can change to Nankai Electric Railway’s Nankai Koya Line and Osaka Municipal Subway’s Midōsuji Line.

Operated only on weekday mornings as through trains to Namba.
Operated all day, through to Namba.
Operated from 05:00 to 10:00, and from 16:00 to 00:30, shuttles between Nakamozu and Izumi-Chūō.
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