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Sakaiminato, The town which Yokais are dancing
2008-07-01 Tue 00:00
Sakaiminato-shi is a city in the northern Tottori Prefecture, Japan.
It is located on a large sandbar called Yumigahama Peninsula and faces the Sea of Japan, Nakaumi and Sakai channel.
The city was officially founded on April 1, 1956.
The seaport of Sakaiminato is one of the most famous fishery ports in Japan.
However, Yokais make this city more famous.
Yokai is a kind of obake, creatures in Japanese folklore.
Manga artist Shigeru Mizuki who was born March 8, 1922 in this city ,popularized many types of Yokai in his works.
GeGeGe no Kitaro is known most in his yokais.
Kitaro is a yokai boy born in a cemetery.
He is missing his left eye and so his hair usually covers the empty socket.
A Yokai road is located in this town
One hundred bronze statues of various Yokais are placed alongside the road.
These Yokais attract a number of visitors to this town.
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