We must protect the senile elderly people from unscrupulous business operators by using the adult guardianship system.

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Death toll more than 10,000 in Myanmar
2008-05-06 Tue 08:41
Myanmar's Foreign Ministry said Monday that the death toll from the Myanmar cyclone is more than 10,000 people,
Red Cross says that it is trying to get drinking water to people .
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Myanmar's storm death toll nears 4,000
2008-05-06 Tue 00:00
The death toll in Myanmar has reached nearly 4,000 people, state TV media says.
Reports say more than 3,900 people have been killed and almost 3,000 more are missing following a cyclone that hit the country on Saturday.
But earlier on Monday, state media said the death toll stood at 351.
YANGON has been without power and water, its streets full of debris.
Winds of about 190km/h battered the Irrawaddy, YANGON, Bago, Karen and Mon regions.
A tropical cyclone is a storm system characterized by a low pressure center and numerous thunderstorms that produce strong winds and flooding rain
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Chinese president's visit to Japan
2008-05-06 Tue 00:00

Chinese President Hu Jintao will visit Japan from Tuesday to Saturday.
It is the first time in a decade that a Chinese leader has visited Japan.
The last visit was by former Chinese President Jiang Zemin in November 1998.
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