We must protect the senile elderly people from unscrupulous business operators by using the adult guardianship system.

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Japan promised to double Africa aid
2008-05-31 Sat 00:00

Japan's Prime Minister has promised to double his country's aid to Africa within five years.
Mr Fukuda, Japan's Prime Minister, made the pledge in front of leaders from more than 50 African countries at a conference in Yokohama.
Mr Fukuda said he would encourage Japanese firms to invest in Africa.
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Royal rule ended in Nepal
2008-05-30 Fri 00:00
A newly-elected assembly in Nepal has voted to abolish the current ruling monarchy 28 May 2008.
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China asked Japanese soldiers to help deliver post-earthquake relief aid
2008-05-30 Fri 00:00

China has asked Japanese air force to deliver earthquake relief aid.
It would involve Japanese defense forces airlifting tents and other relief supplies to quake-hit areas in central China, defense ministry officials said.
Chief Cabinet Secretary said Japan is considering using a military plane and surplus tents and blankets.
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Junta extended Suu Kyi's house arrest
2008-05-29 Thu 00:00
Burma's junta has renewed Aung San Suu Kyi's house arrest.
US President George Bush said he was deeply troubled by the decision.
UN chief Ban Ki-moon said he regretted the extension of the detention.
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China plans 1 million temporary houses by Aug. 10
2008-05-28 Wed 00:00
The Chinese government plans to put up temporary housing for 250,000 survivors of the Sichuan Province earthquake, and does. to deploy soldiers and construction workers across the country to help put up temporary housing.
This work first started in Dujiangyan in the province.
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Chinese troops unblock quake lake
2008-05-27 Tue 00:00
Chinese troops have begun to unblock a lake formed by a landslide during the earthquake in Sichuan province, state media said.
About 1,800 soldiers carried explosives to Tangjiashan lake where they will try to blast away debris.
The lake has been rising fast and experts fear it could burst its barrier.
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Big aftershock hit the quake zone
2008-05-26 Mon 05:16
A 5.8 magnitude aftershock hit the China quake zone on Sunday, and was felt in Beijing.
State TV said one person was killed, several hundred were injured, and 70,000 homes were destroyed.
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Final death toll could be more than 80,000
2008-05-26 Mon 00:00
Premier of China Wen Jiabao has said the final death toll could be more than 80,000, and more than 30,000 people are still missing.
More than five million buildings collapsed in the earthquake and more than five million people are homeless, officials say.
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UN Secretary General visits China quake zone
2008-05-25 Sun 00:00
The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has arrived in the Chinese province devastated by the quake.
He met Premier Wen Jiabao in Sichuan province.
There, Mr Wen announced the revised toll and said it could rise to 80,000.
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6-party talks may resume next month
2008-05-24 Sat 00:00

The six-party talks over North Korea's nuclear programs are expected to resume as early as June , a senior Foreign Ministry official said Thursday.
The six-party process has been stalled since October over North Korea's failure to produce a required declaration of its nuclear programs.
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New town planned at Beichuan
2008-05-24 Sat 00:00

Chinese government announced on Thursday that the death toll in last week's quake had now reached 51,151, with 29,328 missing and nearly 300,000 injured.
Chinese officials say one of the towns worst affected by the earthquake - Beichuan - will be rebuilt on a completely new site
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China quake death toll passes 50,000
2008-05-23 Fri 00:00
The death toll from China's earthquake has increased to more than 51,000, with another 30,000 people missing.
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Diet allows military use of space
2008-05-23 Fri 00:00

The Diet passed a law allowing space to be used for military purposes on Wednesday .
The law allows Japan to possess early-warning satellites that could be used as part of a missile-defense system.
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US ambassador urges Japan to boost military spending
2008-05-22 Thu 00:00

Japan should boost defense spending instead of decreasing it as Tokyo's Asian neighbors expand their military budgets, the U.S. Ambassador to Japan said in a speech at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan Tuesday.
China has increased military expenditures by an average of 14.2 percent annually, and South Korea's defense budget has grown 73 percent, said J. Thomas Schieffer.
.In contrast, Japan's ratio of defense spending to GDP has been declining despite its growing concerns over potential military threats, he said.
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Hillary primary win in Kentucky
2008-05-21 Wed 11:23

Hillary Clinton has won Kentucky's Democratic presidential election primary.
But surveys suggest Mrs Clinton's rival Barack Obama will win in Oregon where voters are also going to the polls.
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Earthquake toll tops 40,000
2008-05-21 Wed 00:00

The death toll from last week's earthquake in south-west China has risen to 40,075, the government officials have said.
Tens of thousands more are still missing.
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U.S. bomb evacuated over 16,000 Tokyo residents
2008-05-20 Tue 11:14

More than 16,000 Tokyo residents were evacuated Sunday as experts disposed of an unexploded one-ton bomb.
The bomb ,believed to have been dropped by a B-29 bomber during World War, was defused by Japan's Self-Defense Force personnel in Chofu,.
Residents stayed at nearby public schools for evacuation..
believed to have been dropped by the U.S. military during World War II, an official said.
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China declares national mourning
2008-05-20 Tue 00:00

China has announced three days of mourning for the victims of Monday's earthquake.
It will begin with a three-minute silence at 1428, exactly a week after the quake struck the south-western Sichuan province.
The Olympic torch relay will be suspended for three days.
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China quake death toll rises to 32,476
2008-05-19 Mon 06:42

The death toll from magnitude 8.0 earthquake, the emergency response office under the State Council said Sunday evening, correcting a previous figure of 32,477.
The number of injured reached 220,109,it said.
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US’s food aid to North Korea
2008-05-19 Mon 00:00

The US has announced over the next year it will provide half a million tones of food aid to North Korea, which is believed to be facing famine this year.
The move comes days after Pyongyang handed US negotiators documents detailing its past nuclear activities.
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Japanese rescue team founds the bodies of a mother and child
2008-05-18 Sun 13:52

Japanese rescue team founds the bodies of a mother and child buried under the rubble of a collapsed hospital dormitory in Sichuan Province of China on Saturday morning.
Japanese rescue workers found the bodies at about 7:30 a.m. in the central area of the Qiaozhuang district in Qingchuan County after searching through the night.
The bodies were of 27-year-old Song Xuemei and her 70-day-old daughter, according to the rescue team.
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Japan gov't warns it’s low food self-sufficiency
2008-05-18 Sun 00:00

A government report said Friday that .Japanese could face a future eating only rice and potatoes with no meat because of growing global food shortages and an alarmingly low rate of food self-sufficiency.
Japan's food self-sufficiency rate has now fallen to only 39 percent, the report said.
About 60 percent of food consumed in Japan is imported from countries such as the United States, China, Australia and Canada.
The Agriculture Ministry white paper said that if all food imports were suddenly halted, a typical Japanese adult would still be able to meet minimum daily calorie requirements by eating rice, potatoes and fish.
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Hu visits quake area
2008-05-17 Sat 00:00

Chinese President Hu Jintao has visited south-western Sichuan Province, where 50,000 people may have died in Monday's earthquake.
22,069 deaths have been confirmed in the region and thousands more people remain missing.
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Cyclone death toll rise to 43,318
2008-05-17 Sat 00:00

The death toll of Myanmar's cyclone storm Nargis rose by 4,827, bringing the total to 43,318, the state radio reported on Thursday evening.
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China OKs help from Japan rescue teams
2008-05-16 Fri 04:38
Chinese Foreign Ministry officials hoped the Japanese team will arrive at the quake-hit areas quickly to join in rescue operations.
The Japanese disaster relief team departed from Narita Airport on Thursday evening for Beijing.
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PM orders reinforcements
2008-05-16 Fri 00:00

China's PM Wen Jiabao has ordered to mobilize 50 more military helicopters to airlift the injured residents from the mountain-logged rural areas.
The newest death toll has risen to 14,866 people, said the Ministry of Civil Affairs,
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Aoi Matsuri
2008-05-15 Thu 17:33
The Aoi Matsuri is celebrated on May 15 in Kyoto.
It is said this festival is one of the three main annual festivals held in Kyoto,Japan.
The other two are the Jidai matsuri and the Gion matsuri.
The Aoi Matsuri dates back to the 7th century.
The emissaries leave the Kyoto Imperial Palace and proceed to Shimogamo Shrine and then to Kamigamo Shrine .
Participants wear costumes of the Heian period decorated with the flower of the mallow.
Yabusame (Archery on horseback )is the most famous among the ceremonies held before Aoi Matsuri.
Yabusame is a sacred event in which the rider of a hunting costume figure shoots an arrow on horseback.
The archer shoots a special arrow at a wooden target on May 3 ,while riding a horse, at Tadasu no Mori of the Shimogamo Shrine.
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At least 60 killed by serial blasts in India
2008-05-15 Thu 00:00

60 were killed and 150 others injured by eight blasts in Jaipur, Indian Tuesday evening.
A curfew has been imposed in the old city in Jaipur in western India after a series of bomb blasts.
The bombs went off near historic monuments in the crowded old city.
No group has admitted planting the bombs.
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Death toll rises to 34,273 in Myanmar
2008-05-15 Thu 00:00

Myanmar's death toll from Cyclone has risen to 34,273, state media reported Tuesday night.
•27,836 still remained missing, and the number of injured stood at 1,403.
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Massive Search for quake survivors
2008-05-14 Wed 00:00
A search and rescue operation is under way in south-western China.
Troops have arrived in Wenchuan county at the epicentre, but heavy rain is hampering rescue operations.
A brigade of 200 armed policemen reached Wenchuan County at 11:15 p.m. Tuesday.
At least 500 people have been confirmed dead in the county, epicenter of Monday's earthquake, Xinhua News Agency said.

The death toll is now nearly 12,000.
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